Slano Pictures from Dani's visit to Croatia November 2005:

The Island Pag seen from the Velebit mountain range.

After leaving Jadovno I drove through the Velebit mountain range and reached a small fisihing village called Karlobag where Fritz (Fric) (my mom's first husband) died on the way to Jadovno.  From there I boarded my rented car on  a ferry to the Island Pag where my Aunt Mira and my Grandmother Elza died.  I read that they died together with many other women in a place called Slano not far from a small fishing village called Metajna.  I read in a book written by Menahem Shelah (Holocaust in Yogoslavia) that the women died in the most difficult situations that words simply cannot express.  When I arrived at the village at about 1:30 pm on Monday November 21, 2005 I asked for direction of how to reach Slano (the easiest was I was told was by boat but there was also a way to get there by foot).  The following pictures are from that journey:

The beginning of the search.  The rented car is seen.

There was a deserted restaurant at the edge of the field.

Here is where I started the journey heading southward toward Slano.

A sign of forgivness, light and hope.

The place itself miles away from where I left the car.  It started getting late and I was heading back to the car.

The sun was close to setting before I reached the car.  The scenary was beautiful and and Sun rays were soothing the memories of the suffering that happened here about 64 years ago.

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