I would like to thank my good friend and one time sister-in-law, Iva El-Roy for her interest, patience and invaluable advice. To my greatest regret she passed away before my book went to print. I would also like to express my gratitude to Dr. Ada Aharoni for her encouragement and suggestions in professional matters. No less persuasive was my niece, Miriam, a long-time worker in Yad Vashem who assisted me in expanding the original paper. Her husband, Shmuel Aviezer, advised on expenses. As retired Assistant Director in the Currency Department of Bank Israel I could certainly trust him! Thanks to Miriam my manuscript reached the Vice Chairman of Yad Vashem The - Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Israel - who, in spite of all his efforts to have it published by that institution, could not do so because of lack of funds. In particular I owe my gratitude to Dr. Menahem Shelah, the authority on the Holocaust in Croatia, who provided me with important documents and commented that my story 'in its tragic uniqueness conveys also the historical course of the cruel annihilation of this special Jewish community'. Also I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Asher Cohen from the Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa, who considered my story of importance 'as a testimony of a person living under circumstances which greatly differ from those usually read about in memoirs'. My utmost appreciation goes to Professor Goodhart from the Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies Department at Cornell University, who regarded this as 'the kind of work which leads one to question the seriousness of other activities in which one is engaged'. I would like to pay special tribute to the most kind Reuben Rose who is no more and who 'Englished' my first version of the manuscript. Thanks also to his wife, dear Susie, who was his help and support in everything he did. My special thanks go to young Orna Eisenstadt who translated from Hebrew the passage from Dr. Shelah's work on the concentration camps in Croatia and the island of Pag where my mother, sister and first husband perished, because I was not ready, and will never be, to read it. I cannot forget the infinite patience of Danielle Friedlander from the Research Authority at the University of Haifa who rewrote the manuscript ad infinitum. I also wish to thank Dr. Joseph Milhofer who has scrutinized the text and whose scepticism is obvious: ' much as your memoir is well written as are thousands of this kind of horrifying accounts in the extensive holocaust literature, neither yours nor others will be warnings to future generations. Due to human frailties everyone learns from his own experience and some- times not at all...' However, in my optimism I dedicate to my son this sad story of my life in the hope that he will keep alive the memory of our beloved family by handing it to his children and grandchildren, and as a small tribute to the many who will follow in the never ending chain.
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