Learning Spaces Technology Support

eClassroom Equipment

The majority of classrooms on campus are eClassrooms (enhanced) which contain the following equipment:

  • Windows and/or Mac computer
  • LCD projector
  • Audio/Visual control system (i.e. Pixie Pro, Crestron)
  • Blu-ray players
  • Laptop connectivity to Internet and projector
  • Program sound

All computer workstations have the standard faculty/staff software image along with Interwrite PRS software for "clicker" use. Not all rooms are equipped with PRS receivers. Contact LSTS for information about a particular classroom.

Some rooms may also contain:

  • Smart Technologies Sympodium or SmartBoard
  • Dual or triple LCD projectors
  • Dual computer monitors
  • Document camera
  • LCD Displays

25Live can also be consulted to show the capabilities of some rooms and search for space reservations.