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Using the Pixie Pro



Using the Pixie Pro Controller
Most classrooms are equipped with a Pixie Pro controller which is used to control all of the multimedia devices in the room and eliminates the need for several remote controls.

  1. The Pixie Pro is the white panel located on top of the Instructor's podium.

  2. This is the typical Pixie Pro controller configuration.
    The left section controls power to the projector and program volume.
    The center section is used to select the source going to the projector.
    The right section operates the DVD/VCR combo and features buttons that look just like an ordinary remote control.

    *NOTE: the projector takes approx. 2-3 minutes to warm up.
    Once the projector is turned off, there is an automatic 3-5 minute "cool down" cycle that takes place before the projector can be powered up again.

  3. For questions or assistance call Learning Spaces Technology Support at 4-1443.