Video Hosting with Kaltura

Kaltura - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaltura?
Kaltura is a company that creates video platforms for schools and businesses to use media effectively in their institution.  Kaltura is a vendor for Ithaca College that we use to power our video web portal, and to offer media tools inside our Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment.

What is Kaltura for?
Kaltura was brought to campus to provide a way to store, manage, and deliver audio and video content for Ithaca College.  It's primary use is to supply a way to host private academic content for teaching and learning, but it is not limited to solely academic use.  For example, it could be used for hosting video on the Ithaca College website. This service also provides content creation tools as well as new features like interactive video quizzing.

When will Kaltura be available?
The Kaltura service has now been implemented for use, either in, or by using the fully integrated media tools inside Sakai.

Why do we need Kaltura?
Gigabytes of video are recorded every week across campus.  Much of this content is uploaded to non-college supported outside services (YouTube, etc.).  The majority is never shared or archived for future students to experience.  All of these valuable assets are so scattered, across so many different user logins, platforms and technologies, that it disables the ability of the college as a whole to find, share, manage, and leverage valuable digital content.

These outside services are also restricting the content that Ithaca College Community members want to upload and share.  They do not recognize fair use in educational environments, and since they are commercial sites, they bog down viewers with advertising, as well as make a distracting environment for learning.

Additionally, these services do not allow adequate privacy and user management, which is a necessity when our students are submitting media for grades.  Much of our originally generated IC content can only be shared within our domain due to copyright restrictions.  It’s important to keep our new media content within the safe confines of a private system that is compliant with our policies and procedures.  A system that we can manage and create a support structure to maintain.

What are some of the requirements you looked for when choosing Kaltura?

  • Integration with Sakai - Ithaca Netpass login integration and private view options
  • Flexibility - allows public video view options, accessible from anywhere
  • Streams to many devices -  regardless of Operating System or hardware
  • Adaptive streaming - the media changes to suit the bandwidth of the user
  • Transcoding - content will convert to the correct format to optimize for delivery
  • Streaming video delivery keeps media not intended for download safe from piracy
  • Administration & Management - can restrict views to a group, or individual, etc.
  • Administration can be structured to suit our campus organizational workflow
  • Uses Metadata - manage and make searchable by tagging media with descriptors that enable quick searching and retrieval of media.
  • Provides tools/apps - (see Kaltura's CaptureSpace tool)
  • Record and upload video directly to Sakai from mobile devices, desktops/laptops, webcams, mics
  • Can interact with video (comments, attachments, and future in-video quizzing options)
  • The ability to trim and annotate video
  • Open APIs to create customized apps through software plugins
  • Accessible & Compliant - allows for Section 508 compliant video captions
  • ​Supports Video and Audio