Digital Media Services

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in our culture. Students, staff and faculty alike can be observed buried in them digging for e-mail, stock quotes, music videos, Facebook and Twitter updates and more.

Naturally, the entertainment industry has capitalized on the success of these devices by providing a host of services and content. So we must ask, where does higher education fit in? Moreover, how can higher education leverage mobile content to benefit students and institutions?

At IC, we've taken the first steps by supporting iTunes U,  providing a content repository for faculty and staff. Lectures, events, oral histories, course content and more - portable and on-demand.  iTunes U is linked with the iTunes application and Apple mobile devices. We are taking measures to provide mobile interfaces for many of our systems.  Our Learning Management System, Sakai is one example.

Also, DIIS provides information that is easily accessible through mobile devices like the DIIS YouTube page, Twitter (@IthacaITS), Facebook (, and our mobile compatible web site.