Campus guests and visitors have several options for accessing the internet while on campus. The choice depends on whether or not the visitor wants to use the wireless or the wired network. For many visitors, using the unsecured wireless network (ICAirnet) from their personal device is the best (or only) option.


The unsecured wireless network requires no configuration or authentication and allows visitors basic access to the Internet. Information transmitted or received over ICAirnet is not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by other network users.

To use ICAirnet:

  • Choose ICAirnet from the list of available wireless networks
  • The default browser should open automatically
  • Enter an e-mail address
  • Click "Proceed unsecured"

Wired Network

Guests can bring a personal computer and connect to the hard wired ports in many spaces on campus and get an Internet connection:

Guests can:

  • Plug an ethernet cable into a network port
  • Open a web browser
  • Choose the guest option
  • Get connected to the Internet

Not all ports allow this so contact the DIIS Service Desk for assistance if this doesn't work.

Wired Access for IC Community Members and Personal Computers

Faculty and staff can connect personal computers to the wired network and get either Internet access or access to the local Ithaca College network. For internet access, no additional steps need to be done. For access to the local Ithaca College network:

  • Open a web browser
  • Choose the option for Ithaca College community members
  • Enter your Netpass credentials
  • The Bradford network control client will be added to your computer
  • Your computer will be scanned to make sure anti--virus software is installed
  • Once the computer has passed the scan, you will be given access to the local Ithaca College computer network

Public Kiosks

For general internet access, public kiosks are located in the Campus Center, IC Square, and Job Hall. These kiosks allow for quick access to the Internet and are available for anyone on campus to use.

IC Affiliates

Some visitors who will be on campus for an extended period or who need access to a variety of resources may qualify for "IC Affiliate" status. The department or school that the visitor is affiliated with needs to submit an IC Affiliate Request form to Human Resouces.

Vendor Access

Vendors or consultants working on behalf of campus departments may require access to the Ithaca College network in order to make remote connections to systems for maintenance, implementations, and support. In these cases, departments can request a Vendor Remote Access account that will provide the vendor representative(s) with specific, limited access to the target systems or services. See "Vendor Remote Access" at right.