Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services are resources and services offered by Digital Instruction and Information Services (DIIS) that supports the academic mission of the college specifically as it applies to teaching and learning.

New Tools in Sakai

As of Sept 9, 2016 there are some new tools in Sakai.

  • Attendance tool
  • OneNote Class Notebook for class collaboration.
  • McGraw Hill MH Campus
  • NowComment

Please see this intercom for more information.

Kaltura video platform in production!

DIIS is pleased to announce that the Kaltura video platform is in production.  Sakai integration is coming this fall!
The link is

Here are two quick videos on how to get started:

How to  Log in:
How to Upload video: site license for Ithaca College

As of 11/17/15 all students, staff, and faculty of Ithaca College have unlimited access to, an online video training resource.  Through our lyndaCampus agreement, our campus has access to over 4,000 video courses, covering a wide range of topics from Accounting to Web Development.  Course Groups are available to instructors who want to assign playlists and track student usage.

Faculty: Need any help for your Fall courses?

Please contact the DIIS Service Desk if you would like to set up a time or talk to an DIIS staff member about any of  our services or would like a one-on-one overview of the classrooms you will be teaching in  274-1000 or

Important changes coming to Turning Technologies student response system (clickers)

Turning Technologies is discontinuing support for "Turning Point 5" software and moving to "Turning Point Cloud". The NXT clickers will still work and can be ordered through the bookstore and bundled with the license.  They will also require a license subscription for new and used clickers and are improving their mobile option, Responseware.  DIIS is currently engaging with faculty members who are regular users to get their input.  Please contact Marilyn Dispensa if you would like more information.

Turning Technologies NXT Clickers

The Turning Technology NXT system are the supported student response system.  For more information check out our Clickers support page.  Order clickers through the IC Bookstore..

iPads still available for faculty

Due to popular demand we are continuing the iPad pilot for the next year to make use of the 20 ipads.


Turnitin is available for use within Sakai or through  Please see the DIIS Turnitin Plagiarism Detection page for more information.  Turnitin Feedback Studio will by coming by January 2017.  Both the Sakai integration and features will change.