iPad Pilot (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)

iPad Resources

There are many ways educators have used iPads in education and research.  Below are a few ways others have used iPads.  The links are to external resources for more ideas.

  1. Use multiple iPads for a single collaborative project in the field, clinic, and classroom.
  2. Create a mini-textbook in Apple Pages, iBook Author.
  3. Edit a Keynote presentation and deliver your lectures with the iPad.
  4. Evaluate Apple’s VoiceOver assistive technology for the accessiblity of its iBooks application.
  5. Evaluate an eTextbook or discipline specific apps in your subject area.
  6. Explore iPad for small group collaboration.
  7. Use an iPad to serve as a mobile platform for gathering data.
  8. Reimagine thinking on gis mobility, space, and technology can affect, teaching, learning, interaction, and research.
  9. Create a set of ipad resources, apps or references, that would be useful for your courses.
  10. Explore how this can be used when traveling to access maps, resources, and journaling.
  11. Use the native accelerometers to record and analyze movement.
  12. Collect and annotate and give back student work directly through Sakai on an iPad.
  13. Capture student presentations for evaluation and review.
  14. Brainstorm using iPad as a tool.
  15. Create lecture podcasts.
  16. Use iPad to photograph students, tag the image to learn their names.