Instructional Support Services


Consultation, Training, and Support

To facilitate the effective use of instructional technologies we are committed to providing excellent customer service, support, and training opportunities. Working with instructors, our staff can provide consultation, instructional design, and production services for efforts which enhance instruction using technology. In addition, we support the on-line distribution of course materials and activities which include a campus-wide course management system, student ePortfolios, and means to distribute audio and video.

Learning Spaces

Balancing consistency, flexiiblity and innovation, DIIS is committed to providing technology and support for well-equipped classrooms, open-access computer labs,  and wireless connectivity.  We also recognize the need to support the growing needs for "virtual learning spaces" for the online learning initiative, our off site programs, and internships.


We strive to foster collaborative partnerships with other campus individuals and groups in order to  provide forums for two-way dialogs, share good practices, and cooperate on college initiatives. Such partnerships include the Center For Faculty Excellence, the Library, ITPAC, Graduate and Professional Studies and the Faculty Liaison group.

Emerging Technologies

We aim to keep abreast of national trends and peer institutions in new pedagogies, curricula, and technologies to improve learning. We strive to look for opportunities to try new creative approaches and provide ways for our own innovative faculty to share new practices with each other.