Getting Started

New Students

Account Information

The Registrar's Office will provide you with an account for the Student Information System (HomerConnect). Next, you will need to activate your IC Netpass account. All incoming freshman are required to take the Math Placement Exam prior to attending orientation. In order to do that, your IC Netpass account must be activated.


The HomerConnect User ID is your 9 digit IC ID number, and the default PIN is a randomly-generated password provided to you by the Registrar’s office. When you log into HomerConnect for the first time, you will be prompted to reset your password. The Homer system will provide you with access to view your academic records and to register for classes, which will be done during summer orientation.

Netpass Activation

Your Netpass username and password are used to access myHome, email and many other systems and services at IC. This account is activated using your HomerConnect User ID provided by the Registrar’s Office and the PIN which you create.


Official email communications from the college will only be sent to your IC email address. It is important that you check this account regularly, or set mail forwarding to your preferred email account. Email is accessed with your Netpass username and password.

Math Placement Exam

All incoming freshman are required to take the Math Placement Exam. This exam should be completed one week prior to your coming to campus for summer orientation. In order to take the exam, your IC Netpass account must be activated. Once activated, you can then log into Sakai and click on the Math Placement Exam tab at the top of the page.

Before you start this exam you may wish to review some sample questions by clicking on the Math Placement Sample Questions document to the right. You should allow 90 minutes for this exam. Once you start you must finish within the time allowed. Make sure you have scrap paper and a calculator available and good luck!

This exam is intended to help determine the mathematics based course you should take first at Ithaca College. If you feel the results of the exam do not properly reflect your mathematical preparation, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam prior to the start of classes in the fall.


The myHome web portal is a customizable web resource that brings together online elements from Ithaca College and the rest of the Web into one central location. Login to myHome with your Netpass username and password.

With myHome, you can access Outlook Web App (email), Sakai, Taskstream, Intercom, Library databases and other services all with a single login. You’ll also have quick access to services such as HomerConnect and Parnassus, but will need to use the individual username and password particular to those websites. You can customize myHome to include photos, additional email accounts, news, weather, RSS feeds and more.

myHome Community is a component for social networking exclusively within the IC community. myHome Community offers many "Facebook-like" tools such as friends, discussion forums, photo albums, polls, status updates, and much more.


Many faculty members use the Sakai online course management system to distribute course materials, assessments, exams and learning modules for class. Login to Sakai with your Netpass username and password.

Internet in Residential Halls (Apogee)

The Residential Hall computing network (ResNet) is managed by Apogee Telecom. Prior to using My-ResNet, students must set-up an Apogee account. This can be done prior to coming to campus or when you arrive in your residential hall.

Apogee offers both wired and wireless internet connections in the residence halls. If you forgot to bring a network cable to campus, you can purchase a standard 25’ network cable at the Ithaca College Bookstore.

Wireless Access

Ithaca College has three wireless networks, accessible from various locations around campus: My-ResNet, IthacaCollege and IthacaCollege-Guest. The My-ResNet wireless network is available in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings. IthacaCollege and IthacaCollege-Guest are only available in academic and administrative buildings. DIIS manages wireless in academic and administrative areas, while Apogee manages wireless in the residence halls.


Parnassus is the Human Resources and Financial Services system for employees. If you have a job on campus, you will use Parnassus to record your time worked and view your personal employee information. Parnassus is accessed with your Netpass username, and the default password is "IC", a percent (%) sign, and the last six digits of your IC ID, together without any spaces.  For example, your default password could look like IC%000000. When you log into Parnassus for the first time, you will be prompted to reset your password. Attention Internet Explorer 10 users: Compatibility View must be enabled in IE 10 in order for Parnassus to display correctly.

Personal Computer Recommendations

Most students (98%) bring a personal computer to campus. Some majors, like Music, tend to use Macs. Others, like Computer Science, tend to use Windows more. There are no standard computer requirements. Almost any new computer from one of the leading computer manufacturers (Apple, Dell, etc.) should be more than adequate for basic student computer use on campus. It is recommended that you consult your adviser or a faculty member in your major for advice.

Computer Labs

If you choose not to bring a computer with you, there are a number of computer labs available on campus including the library as well as a 24-hour access lab in Friends 110.


It is up to you whether or not you bring a personal printer to campus. Black and white printing and color printing is currently available in the public computer labs. Students receive a $15 printing allowance for the fall, a $15 printing allowance for the spring, and a $7.50 printing allowance for the summer. During the fall and spring semesters, printing is available on a twenty-four hour basis. Poster printing, laminating, binding and more services are available through the Print Shop at specific costs.

Computer Discounts

IC students are eligible for educational prices on computers from a number of computer manufacturers. Additional information is available under discounts to the right.

Software Recommendations

All computers must have anti-virus protection on them in order to be connected to the Ithaca College network. Beyond that, we suggest you buy software that is supported by DIIS, that way you can get help from the Service Desk or lab consultants. Specialty software that you may need for class (like FinalCut Pro) is available in specific labs on campus. If you are wondering whether to purchase software for your major, talk to your faculty adviser.

Software Discounts

A wide assortment of academic software can be purchased at educational prices from the Ithaca College Bookstore or from many retailers and mail order companies. Ithaca College offers FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE to current IC students; in addition the IC Bookstore offers Adobe products at significant savings. Additional information is available under discounts to the right.

fixIT Shop

The fixIT Shop, located in Friends 110, provides convenient on-campus computer advice, support, and service to students, faculty and staff at IC. The fixIT Shop is an authorized warranty repair center for Apple computers and can perform non-warranty services on all computer brands.

Technology Learning Center

The Technology Learning Center (TLC), located in Friends 101, provides instructor-led training, online tutorials, online workshops, technical documentation, and drop-in consulting services to students, faculty, and staff at IC. 

Residence Hall Telephone Service

Ithaca College provides on-campus, local, toll free and 911 telephone service to students in the residence halls on an opt-in basis. Students can request phone service when they arrive on campus by contacting the DIIS Service Desk. Actual telephone devices are not provided. Students are responsible for providing their own touch-tone telephone and plugging them in. A phone calling card will be necessary to make long distance phone calls.

TaskStream ePortfolios

Taskstream provides an easy way to create and publish a personal electronic portfolio. All new students will be enrolled in the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) and be required to have an electronic portfolio in Taskstream. During the Ithaca Seminar program, students will be introduced to Taskstream and the ICC Directed Response Folio (DRF).