Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Ithaca College has three wi-fi networks, accessible from various locations around campus: My-ResNet, ICAirnet and ICAirnet-Secure.

All academic and administrative buildings, as well as all residence halls, have wi-fi coverage. The My-ResNet network is available in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings, and is managed by Apogee. ICAirnet and ICAirnet-Secure are only available in academic and administrative buildings, and are managed by DIIS.

The wi-fi network was designed to provide excellent coverage and performance for the campus community. However, wireless is a shared connection in the academic and administrative buildings and performance is directly related to the number of people using the wireless network at any given time.

Mobile devices should be able to connect to any of the wi-fi networks on campus. Devices will be able to connect to ICAirnet-Secure if the device supports WPA-2 encryption.