Information for Students


In Fall 2016 IC transitioned to a new version of the Turning Technologies student response system. Students will now have to create Turning Technologies accounts and have a license to use the NXT clicker.

Options for clickers:

  1. New users can purchase a Responsecard NXT clicker with a 4-year bundled license from the IC bookstore.  There is a $20.99 mail in rebate available.
  2. Users with a previously-owned Responsecard NXT clicker  will have to purchase a 1 year ($20.99) or 4 year($37.00) from the Turning Technologies Student Store. For the '16-17 school year there will be a  $20.99 - 1yr (or $37.00 - 4yr) mail -in rebate for the full cost of these licenses for users with used clickers.
  3. Users using Responseware for iOS or Android or a web browser must also purchase a 1 year ($20.99) or 4-year ($37.00) license.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Which clicker device is used at Ithaca College?

Ithaca College DIIS is supporting the ResponseCard NXT from Turning Technologies. Any student required to have a clicker will need to obtain this clicker and have a Turning Account and a license registered to their email address.  Some instructors may allow Responseware™, software which allows responses via mobile device via iOS, Android or Web Browser.  Please check with your instructor.

How do I buy a new clicker and license bundle?

 Clickers can be purchased from the IC Bookstore and will be bundled with a 4-year license.  Be sure to save your box, receipt to get the $20.99 mail-in rebate. (See link in sidebar).

What if I bought a used clicker online or have one from a prior year?

You can use the Turning Technologies NXT clicker but you will have to create an account and purchase a license from the Turning Technologies Student Store. For the '16-17 school year there is a 100% rebate on the 1 or 4 year license.   You can purchase a license by going to or clicking on the Turning Account link in your Sakai class.

Can students share clickers?

Clickers can be shared between students who are in different classes. Students in the same class at the same time can not share clickers. However, each student must have their own Turning Account, registered with their email address, and a license.

How will you know if your class is going to use clickers or Responsware?

If your class is going to be using clickers it will be listed as a required course material on the Bookstores web page.   Please check with your instructor first.

How do I use Responseware?

  1. Create a Turning Account by clicking on the "Turning Account" link in your Sakai course or going to
  2. Log into your Turning Account.
  3. Click on License > Manage Licenses and add a license. Either purchase a license or redeem a code you got with a clicker.
  4. Download Responseware on your iOS or Android Device or go to
  5. Log into the app or the responsware web site.
  6. In class, enter the Session ID and wait for the instructor to start polling

Note: To register in Sakai, make sure you clicker the Turning Account link in your Sakai site and log in.  This will link your account to the class.

Can clickers be used for more then one course?

Yes. Your clicker can be used for as many classes as you need it for.

What do I do if my clicker doesn't work?

First make sure the plastic battery protector tab is removed and press a few buttons. If it still doesn't turn on, try a new set of batteries.  You can email mdispensa@ithaca.ede to arrange for DIIS to test it before returning to Bookstore.

Why are Clickers used?

According to Derek Bruff ( clickers are used to increased student participation, increased student engagement, and to gather frequent feedback on student learning.

What are IC students are saying about Clickers?

"I love using the clickers because they give my professor a way to assess how well the class is understanding the material. When used throughout class, lectures could be specialized towards specific topics, where questions were answered incorrectly by the majority of students rather than elaborating on topics that were well understood."

"In big lectures especially, the clicker system allows room for student participation. The anonymity encourages equal participation, which honestly is the only way to learn."

"I liked using the clicker it made my lecture class interesting and I thought it was a cool way to take attendance. It was a cool experience."

"It was a good way for the professor to keep attendance in large lecture hall."