Moving Toward a More Diverse and Inclusive Ithaca College

Ithaca College is dedicated to growing our community into a place where everyone is treated with respect and compassion.  We strive to be an inclusive community that supports different backgrounds and opinions in our academic and social environments.

As the nation has taken a long, hard look at patterns of abuse and unfair treatment based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, or social status, IC has also had to examine how inclusive, fair, and welcoming its community is to diverse populations. This is an issue that Ithaca College can’t and won’t ignore. Our community requires a culture change and change of this magnitude will take time. However, with persistent, unwavering dedication to this mission from each of us, we can be successful.

To make Ithaca College a more inclusive place where every student, faculty, and staff member feels respected and safe, the college is working to implement the action items outlined below. The plan was created in part from suggestions provided by campus community members and in part from best practices that campus leaders have learned about in this important field of work. The plan will continue to evolve to best serve the needs of the IC community and to reflect additional feedback and insights as we strive — together — to make Ithaca College an inclusive and welcoming place for all community members and visitors. 

Your Feedback

More feedback is needed to help refine the plan and initiatives. Have ideas on what initiatives the college should adopt to make IC a more inclusive and welcoming community? Share your feedback through this form and it will be discussed by campus leaders and the Council for Diversity and Inclusion. 


Full transparency will be maintained by posting and regularly updating this website and other campus communications. For all proposed actions, the relevant vice president will conduct an annual review of outcomes and ongoing measurements to ensure progress on a positive, welcoming campus climate.

There will also be ongoing consultation and assessment of progress by the administration through direct collaboration with leaders from the Faculty Council, Staff Council, and Student Government Association.

Actions to Address Racism and Bias

Each of the pages below highlights current initiatives being undertaken, or under development, to address the issue of bias and discrimination on campus. They are grouped by loose categories. You can also view a timeline of when each plan is expected to get underway or be completed.

Progress updates will be posted regularly to these pages as our community continues to work on these initiatives and new ones are added.

Chief Diversity Officer

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Effectiveness For Students

> For Faculty

> For Staff and Administrators

> For Volunteers

Student Support

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Hiring and Retention of Faculty and Staff

Campus Climate Survey

Public Safety