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Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Presentations
Location: Clark Lounge 

TLTS: Welcome to Glass (9-9:25 am)
Presented by Michael Buck and Calvin Chestnut (student) Ithaca College
Educators are increasingly expected to incorporate innovative and engaging teaching strategies into the classroom. As Digital Natives, students enter the classroom and are often expected to power down, disconnect, enter Airplane mode and prepare to immerse themselves in the classroom of yesterday. Educators that are resistant to adopting innovative technology-based approaches to teaching can leave students desiring more out of their classroom experience. There is a wealth of technological innovations (in both hardware and software) that have the potential to improve both instructional strategies and learning outcomes while at the same time engaging students in the process. Google Glass, a wearable technology, is an example of an emerging innovation that has many potential applications in education but is not without its own limitations. The purpose of this session will be to introduce the attendees to Google Glass with the goal of stimulating the generation of ideas for its incorporation into one’s current teaching. The presenters will demonstrate several ways in which Glass has been or can be used to enhance teaching and learning from both the instructor and student perspectives. This session will also provide opportunity for Q & A as well as hands on experience with Google Glass.

TLTS: Interactive Glassware Development (9:25-9:50 am)
Presented by Calvin Chestnut (student), Ithaca College
This presentation will discuss some of the more practical facts concerning developing applications for Google Glass. As a new technology medium there is still a lot that is unknown about building applications for Glass, and with the introduction of the Glassware Developer Kit late last Fall the scope of things has changed drastically since Glass entered the market. An overview of the different types of Glassware will be provided and the varying levels of user engagement that each allows, allowing the audience to make decisions about what technology to use for their projects. The primary example will be My Homework for Glass (, a homework manager for students built over winter break. This application demos many of the primary features of the Glass Developer Kit, inducing multiple activities, Timeline interactivity, and LiveCard insertion. This session will be an interactive demo. Students and professionals will be encouraged to start thinking about not only the practical uses for Glass in education, but to also start building their solutions.

Defense in Depth – A Comprehensive Approach to Information Security
Location: Klingenstein Lounge
Presented by: iSecure, LLC

Defense in Depth describes a comprehensive approach to Information Security where multiple controls are in place to defend against threats. This not only applies to multiple safeguards between endpoint untrusted networks, but to safeguards between operational segments in "trusted" environment as well.  Many security incidents do originate from the outside, but the real damage occurs once a malicious entity gains a foothold and is able to affect other aspects of IT infrastructure unimpeded.  Also, beware the trusted user.  Many security incidents do in fact originate from the inside, either intentionally, due a violation of policy, or accidentally due to a lack of awareness.  Due to these factors, the best way to achieve a strong Information Security posture is via a number of coordinated security controls across the organization. 

Teach with an iPad, Learn with an iPad
Location: Ithaca Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: eInstruction
Deliver classroom instruction seamlessly using the eInstruction Insight 360 Premium platform. When used with students’ iPads, our classroom instruction system provides real time assessment, allows the teacher to collect answers to constructed response, completion questions and all other formats.  Other features include in class paperless delivery of formative activities (i.e.: worksheets, diagrams, DBQ’s, assessments), students can complete the assignment and return to the teacher for grading.   It uses all preexisting content/lessons with our Insight 360 platform, no need to re type or export files.  In addition the teacher may use their PowerPoint, Word, Smart Notebook, Promethean Flip charts, PDF’s and any other lesson with Insight 360.  Join us to learn more about this system.

Using MakerBot 3D Printers in Education
Location: Taughannock Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: PC University Distributors

Join us for a history of 3D printing technology and discussion of the MakerBot product line of 3D printers.  During the presentation we will demonstrate a MakerBot Printer and Scanner and show how easy they are to use.  

Virtualizing the DataCenter
Location: Six Mile Creek Meeting Room
Presented by: Brocade Communications

Organizations of all sizes are facing daunting challenges as they struggle to adapt their data center networks to new technologies and applications. The move toward cloud architectures in particular is demanding a high-performance network interconnect that can host servers potentially numbering in the thousands. Beyond mere consolidation, large-scale server virtualization is generating unpredictable bandwidth requirements, driven by VM mobility. This seminar will review how Ethernet fabrics such as Brocade VCS fabrics have emerged as an attractive solution to these challenges, offering dramatic improvements over the inefficiencies, inherent limitations, and management challenges of classic hierarchical Ethernet networks.

Discuss…IT: IT Leadership
Location: McDonald Lounge
Presented by: Ithaca College

The Discuss…IT sessions provide an opportunity to chat with others who are interested in the same topic to share ideas, frustrations and solutions. The sessions will be facilitated by someone from Ithaca College who is familiar with the issue, but the content will come from you. The topic for this session is: IT Leadership.