Seminars By Timeslot11:00 AM

Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Presentations
Location: Clark Lounge

TLTS: 10 Ways to Use iPads in Class (11-11:25)
Presented by   Kelley Batrowny, GST BOCES, Hornell City School District and Alfred Almond Central School District
We will explore together 10 practical ways you can start using a class set of iPads or devices in a 1-1 setting. Items on this list will include ways to enhance student learning, improve classroom management and instruction, and also assist students with special needs.

TLTS: Using built in accessibility features and apps available for tablet technology to engage students in learning (11:25-11:50)
Presented by Lynn Gitlow and Dan Williams, Ithaca College
Students today are coming to class with a variety of technology including tablet devices. There are a number of features present in the operating systems of these devices that can be used to access educational materials and engage in learning activities. Additionally free or low cost apps are available to help students with a variety of classroom related tasks such as note taking, managing time and preparing presentations. In this session, participants will be introduced to built in accessibility features of the Android OS, the IOS 7 and the Windows 8.1 OS that can be used to enable all students to engage in the learning environment. Additionally apps that can be used to engage students in authentic learning activities will be discussed. Bring your tablets so you try out the options we present.

A Next Generation Approach to Cyber Security: “Early Detection is the New Prevention”
Location: Klingenstein Lounge
Presented by: TruShield Security Solutions
Highly sophisticated foreign and domestic criminal entities are on the grow as cybercrime levels continue to rise, year over year. Every industry is affected and the United States is target #1. The largest companies on planet Earth are being compromised, despite billions of dollars being spent to prevent breaches, the problem continues. This seminar will uncover best practices, processes and mindset to protect network devices, sensitive student, staff and financial data, manage risk and exceed compliance requirements. In addition, the goal of this information sharing session is to highlight a personal and professional approach to what academia would call, "Ideal". Additional information will include: Targeted industries (focusing on K12 and Higher Education) The value of personal identity, Cybercrime trends and attack methods, Average Detection time of a breach, Average remediation time (after a breach is detected), Smart prevention tactics and resource management, Awareness! 

Are your Electronic Documents “Accessible” to Everyone?
Location: Ithaca Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Syracuse

Are your Microsoft Office Documents Accessible? If your answer is, “Yes, I know where they are located” this seminar is for you… Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible.  Documentation is accessible if it can be used as effectively by people with disabilities as by those without disabilities. Creating and distributing accessible documents is not only being ethically responsible, your organization may be required to do so by law.  Working with Syracuse University, New Horizons has developed a training program that will ensure that anyone responsible for creating documentation understands the fundamentals of preparing accessible documents in the Microsoft Office 2013 suite.  This 50 minute introductory seminar is designed to provide awareness of the common design elements used to create Office documentation that is electronically accessible to everyone. 

The Road to Cloud on Your Terms
Location: Taughannock Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: DynTek Services

Join DynTek for this informative session on strategies for your path to the cloud…on your terms. During this session we will review how to transform the datacenter with the power of a hybrid cloud infrastructure and discuss new product releases: • Windows Server 2012 R2 - new features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, and more • System Center 2012 R2 - deliver a comprehensive cloud and datacenter management solution across your on-premises environments, hosting service providers, and Windows Azure • Windows Azure - quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters • Microsoft StorSimple - reduce the escalating cost of enterprise storage infrastructure across primary, archival, data protection and disaster recovery and eliminate tape and get instant backup and restore.

Next generation open networks (Linux as an OS and Openflow based SDN)
Location: Six Mile Creek Meeting Room
Presented by: Dell, Inc.

Please join Dell to learn about next generation Open networking technologies, trends and best practices including Linux as an OS on traditional network switches and Software Defined Networking with the OpenFlow protocol.  On January 28th Dell demonstrated game changing support for Open networking by becoming the first end-to-end technology company to provide customers with a choice of Ethernet switch operating systems.  As a result of this re-seller agreement with Cumulus Networks customers can now run a Linux operating system on our bare metal networking devices or stay with our traditional IOS-like FTOS. In addition, new data center dynamics and virtualization have paved the way for application aware software-defined networking methodologies.  Learn about Dell’s robust Open portfolio of 1G/10G/40G switches which are OpenFlow ready and capable of simultaneously operating with any vendors OpenFlow.

CAT 6A Cabling & Connectivity – When, Why, & Where to use CAT 6A
Location: Cayuga Lake Meeting Room
Presented by: Caris Network Solutions LLC

Why should you install two CAT 6A cables to WAP’s and how is CAT 6A better for PoE? Do you have room for CAT 6A? Why testing for Alien Crosstalk is critical to optimal throughput – and how is it done? We’ll cover these questions and more about the benefits and challenges of CAT 6A Cabling & Connectivity. 

Discuss…IT: Instructional Technology
Location: McDonald Lounge
Presented by: Ithaca College

The Discuss…IT sessions provide an opportunity to chat with others who are interested in the same topic to share ideas, frustrations and solutions. The sessions will be facilitated by someone from Ithaca College who is familiar with the issue, but the content will come from you. The topic for this session is: Instructional Technology.

Tour: Ithaca College Computer Lab and Library Tour
Location: Depart from the Registration Table
Presented by: Ithaca College

Join us for a tour of several of Ithaca College’s com­puter labs and the college library’s special purpose digital media lab.  Learn how we support and maintain our facilities. Tour departs promptly at 11:00 a.m. from the registration desk. 

Google Glass Demonstration
Location: College Showcase
Presented by: Ithaca College

Join us in the College Showcase where an Ithaca College student will be demonstrating his work with Google Glass.