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Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Presentations

TLTS: Flipping the STEM’s: Implementing Tools Across the Disciplines
Location: Clark Lounge
Presented by Sandi Connelly, School of Life Sciences, RIT, Jeff Mills, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, RIT, William Ryan, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, RIT, John Wellin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, RIT
The Flipped Classroom model is based on the premise that students are responsible for working outside of class to learn and review concepts, and that in-class time is spent expanding and applying that knowledge. While the archetypal Flipped Classroom model (e.g. no lecturing in class) may not be a perfect fit for every instructor and discipline there are many tools that can be borrowed from the model and applied to just about any teaching and learning scenario. Faculty have come together in a “community of practice” to share ideas, resources, critiques, and encouragement as they incorporate aspects of a Flipped Class structure in to their lectures and labs. Learn how simple videos and out of class assignments that introduce the materials can free up countless hours of precious face-to-face time in a term and allow faculty to uncover more about the subject than ever before possible! Join a few of us in this panel discussion as they share what they are doing in and out of their STEM classrooms to encourage critical thinking, engagement, and higher-order retention of the materials. All are invited – the tools that we will share are applicable across all disciplines!

Exploring Class Climate for College/University Course Evaluations
Location: Klingenstein Lounge
Presented by: Scantron Corporation

Come and see how Class Climate automates faculty and course evaluations at higher educational institutions. Class Climate is a web based application that allows students to complete their surveys via their smartphones, iPads, student portal, online or on paper. Designed specifically for college/university evaluations, it integrates with many of the Learning Management systems being used such as Blackboard, Moodle, Desire 2 Learn and more. Being a web based application, it automates the processing of reports that typically took establishments days to create and distribute. It also eliminates the need for expensive scan sheets as Class Climate supports plain paper printed "bubble" sheets. Whether you need a hosted survey solution or have the resources to own Class Climate, you must see how this product brings your surveying and evaluation process into the 21st century.

Online Video Strategies Across New York State: Learning from SUNY and the NY6
Location: Ithaca Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: Ensemble Video

Colleges and universities need scalable, cost-effective ways to maximize growing collections of digital media.  Learn how the State University of New York (SUNY) and the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium use Ensemble Video to provide video streaming infrastructure. SUNY ITEC offers Ensemble as a service to all 64 SUNY campuses.  This allows SUNY to lead resource sharing, while keeping costs down, and empowering campuses to share content. The platform is hosted by ITEC, while decentralized administration provides autonomy for institutions to customize usage, per their academic needs.  The New York Six launched a private cloud implementation of Ensemble, serving six member campuses, and the MediaShare Project. Individual campuses maximize streaming efficiency with local Wowza Media Cache servers, enabling on-campus streaming without tying up internet connections or generating CDN costs.

Next Generation Security for Today’s Data Center
Location: Taughannock Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: Juniper Networks

Join us to learn how the uptake of cloud computing and social media combined with the rise and sophistication of botnets, advanced persistent threats (APTs), distributed denial of service (DDoS), and Web application attacks makes the data center more vulnerable to data breaches than ever before. Ponemon Institute reports web-based (65 percent) and denial of service (DoS) attacks (60 percent) were cited as the most serious types of attacks. Next-generation security solutions must offer enterprises protection against data exfiltration, website outages, and other serious data center threats. During the session we will define and present suitable methods to boost traditional defenses and other related information.

Supporting the Interactive Classroom
Location: Six Mile Creek Meeting Room
Presented by: Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies has developed classroom solutions for higher education learning environments throughout the country.  Our focus is to provide the instructor with a more interactive and engaging classroom, while also allowing for the assessment of understanding- correlating to specific learning outcomes and objectives.  TurningPoint 5 interactive software can be used on both Mac and PC to poll in PowerPoint, over any application, and administer self-paced exams.  This demonstration will take a user through our multiple polling environments and also focus on some popular pedagogical examples from instructors using TurningPoint.

Equipment and Facility Energy Cost Reductions and Grants Available for Improvements
Location: Cayuga Lake Meeting Room
Presented by: Lynx Technologies Inc.

A presentation on new efficient equipment and the various grants that can be used to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Discuss…IT: Innovative Technology
Location: McDonald Lounge
Presented by: Ithaca College

The Discuss…IT sessions provide an opportunity to chat with others who are interested in the same topic to share ideas, frustrations and solutions. The sessions will be facilitated by someone from Ithaca College who is familiar with the issue, but the content will come from you. The topic for this session is: Innovative Technology.

Tour: Ithaca College Computer Lab and Library Tour
Location: Depart from the Registration Table
Presented by: Ithaca College

Join us for a tour of several of Ithaca College’s com­puter labs and the college library’s special purpose digital media lab.  Learn how we support and maintain our facilities. Tour departs promptly at 1:10 p.m. from the registration desk.