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Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Presentations

TLTS: Flip Flopping on “The Flip”: How to & How good?
Location: Klingenstein Lounge
Presented by   Lauren Calimeris Kocman, St John Fisher College

While many instructors attempt to incorporate active learning into their classes, these activities are limited due to the amount of content that must be covered. One solution is the “flipped” class. A flipped class is one in which traditional in-class activities such as lecture are experienced outside of the classroom and outside activities are implemented in the classroom. With advances in technology, flipping is becoming more popular among high school and college teachers, though the process is still daunting to many. While there are anecdotal stories of the benefits of flipping, quantitative and qualitative analyses are lacking. This session provides preliminary qualitative and quantitative evidence of the benefits of flipping a class in an introductory college level economics course. In this session, participants will learn about the theoretical benefits flipping; see examples of recorded lectures; receive concrete steps on how to implement and transition to a flipped classroom, including options for delivering out of class lectures and for active learning activities for in-class time; hear a summary of our experiences with flipping; learn about preliminary qualitative and quantitative evidence of the benefits of flipping a class in an introductory college level economics course; and, if time, will work independently and in groups to brainstorm and share ideas on how to flip their own courses.

TLTS: Using an e-portfolio in tk20 to assess and prepare pre-service teachers for teaching students with disabilities (2:10 – 2:35 pm)
Location: Clark Lounge
Presented by Jie Zhang and Moira Fallon, The College at Brockport SUNY
This presentation focuses on the use of a special education e-portfolio in tk20 to record authentic assessments in the process of preparing pre-service teachers for teaching students with disabilities. The two presenters will share an e-portfolio established in tk20 during different phases in this inclusive education program, various authentic assessments selected to evaluate pre-service teachers' knowledge and skills regarding their readiness for teaching students with disabilities, and lessons learned through the development of the special education e-portfolio in tk20.

ClassLink LaunchPad: Connecting your Chromebooks, iPad, and Mobile devices to network resources and file storage
Location: Ithaca Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: ClassLink

The use of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom has increased dramatically and the trend is expected to continue. However, schools face real challenges with them. From a tech perspective, these devices do not play well with traditional network resources like network folders and Windows apps. With a growing interest in Mobile and BYOD initiatives, these are real issues. During this session, learn how ClassLink LaunchPad can help you: • Connect your iPads, Chromebooks or any BYOD devices to cloud and network folders • Deliver Windows apps to any device using our HTLM5 and Native iOS gateways • Provide Single Sign-On access to all your web and educational tools • See how easy it can be to deliver apps from all your different devices.

Windows 8.1 Clients & Dell Chromebooks in Education
Location: Taughannock Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: Dell, Inc.

Choosing the right device and creating the right environment for your student learning initiatives is not an easy task. There are multiple operating systems, computer types, and vendors to choose from. You need to consider academic needs as well as technical needs. What are the critical questions to ask? What do you need to consider in addition to the computer itself? How does your vision for teaching and learning impact your selection of devices? And what do clouds have to do with this? In this presentation we will discuss the various options that exist for using devices and cloud resources to support learning. We’ll also look at Dell’s latest devices, including tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks.

Tracking, Managing, and Securing Mobile IT
Location: Six Mile Creek Meeting Room
Presented by: Absolute Software

Absolute Software will provide an overview Absolute’s security and tracking solutions and how they can help IT and Security Professionals manage their electronic mobile assets such as Windows Notebooks (and Netbooks), Macs and tablet devices. They will discuss Absolute’s technology platforms and the features of Computrace and Absolute Manage, two of their flagship solutions that allow their customers to track, manage and secure the device (and the data that resides on the device). They’ll also review how “persistence” (hardware integration) plays a key role in ensuring the device maintains constant contact with their back-end servers, regardless of whether the device has been factory reset or re-imaged with a new OS. That unique differentiator allows for a “set-it and forget-it” approach to end-point device management (until needed).

The Platform for Cloud-Enabled Education
Location: Cayuga Lake Meeting Room
Presented by: DynTek Services

Within education, having the tools to communicate and collaborate doesn’t build a better business–it builds a better student. Technology is pervasive in the learning process and is key to elevating the type of education we deliver to our students helping them prepare for a brighter future. From the cloud to the classroom, DynTek and Microsoft are committed to equipping schools for 21st Century Learning opportunities. This session will cover: - Device innovation, cloud, social and IT visibility and control - Communication and collaboration strategies - Server and cloud platform for IT efficiency - Multi-modal, multi-literate, multi-tasking-pervasive access to technology DynTek, a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Public Sector, Education Partner of the Year, has extensive experience helping K-12 institutions manage student information, improve their IT infrastructure, secure their environment, enhance communication and collaboration and meet reporting requirements.

NYCHES Birds of a Feather
Location: McDonald Lounge
Presented by: NYCHES

New York Computing in Higher Education Symposium was founded in 1997 by a consortium of colleges and universities in the Western/Central New York region. Come meet with us for a Birds of a Feather session to learn about the organization and discuss the topics affecting you in your organization.