Seminars By Timeslot3:10 PM

Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Presentations
Location: Clark Lounge

TLTS: Online Synchronous teaching with  O-RITE (3:10-3:35 pm)
Presented by Theresa Gilliard-Cook, SUNY Oswego
Oswego Residency Initiative for Teacher Excellence (O-RITE) project. O-RITE is an intensive, residency based 13-month graduate teacher preparation program that combines in-service learning with instruction. The challenge was and is to how to engage students in an environment that is non-traditional and virtual using Blackboard Collaborate. The first part of the presentation will provide a brief overview of O-RITE to provide context and why Collaborate was determined to be part of the solution. The bulk of the presentation will provide ideas and some effective practices that we used when developing an online synchronous session. To conclude the presentation, some lessons learned and some other things to consider when developing sessions for synchronous teaching. During the Q&A, suggestions and ideas are welcome!

TLTS: Deepening the research process with Mendeley: Student perceptions, use, and motivation
Presented by: Miranda P. Kaye and Laura Kuo, Ithaca College (3:35 – 4 pm)
Student perceptions, use, and motivation Information literacy (IL) is the foundation of critical thinking and evidence-based practice. Reference managers are one tool which can be systematically used to develop IL skills and are on the rise with 80% of students reporting use of web-based citation tools (Dahlstrom, 2012). Mendeley, a freely available reference manager, allows one to store and annotate PDFs, insert bibliographies into a paper, and collaborate in groups. In an effort to improve IL, students in eight health sciences research methods courses attended a library research class with the Health Sciences Librarian (ICL). Students in five of the courses received additional instruction on using Mendeley (ICL+Mendeley). In a follow-up survey, ICL+Mendeley students’ perceptions and use of Mendeley were examined and their motivation (intrinsic motivation, effort, value/usefulness, and perceived competence) regarding Mendeley was compared to ICL students’ library research motivation. Overall, students reported moderate levels of intrinsic motivation, effort, value/usefulness, and perceived competence using both library resources and Mendeley. Motivational variables differed as a function of training session received (ICL vs ICL+Mendeley) and course level.

Key Considerations when Selecting an Online Video Platform
Location: Klingenstein Lounge
Presented by: Ensemble Video

Campuses across North America are determining, developing, and executing online video strategies that will allow them to meet institutional teaching, learning, and communications goals. Decision makers in IT and Media are selecting online video platform products to support content creation, management, and delivery for any department on campus. In this session, we will focus on the main elements of an online video strategy in higher education, and how an online video platform needs to work with many rapidly evolving technologies to manage the online video publishing value chain - from content creation, management, publishing, security, accessibility, delivery, and more.

ClassLink LaunchPad: Extending your Network and Creating your own Private Cloud with LaunchPad
Location: Ithaca Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: ClassLink

With all of the demands across education for the inclusion of technology in the classroom this year, ClassLink has become an essential piece of the puzzle for some of the biggest districts in the country. ClassLink LaunchPad is an All-Inclusive, Erate Eligble, and customizable private cloud that is a uniform desktop across any platform and can be used on any device. In this session we will review how LaunchPad can give your school the ability to: • Create your own Personalized/Branded and Private School Cloud • Integrate your current School Network, Google Apps and Microsoft 365 together in one easy to use cloud portal • Leverage ClassLink Powerful Instructional Desktop and Collaboration Tools • Provide Single Sign-On access to all your web and educational tools • Have Anywhere, Anytime access to all of your School Resources on Any Device.

Empowering Your Enterprise with Smart Network Infrastructure
Location: Taughannock Falls Meeting Room
Presented by: Panduit Corporation

Property management owners and Owner/Occupiers are at a critical point in time, challenging economic conditions have placed increased emphasis on reducing operating costs and maximizing investments in every aspect of Capital Expenditure. Advances in technology, from Building Automation System (BAS) controllers and software analytics to network connectivity and sustainable systems - continue to offer ways to provide operational efficiencies, energy savings and reduced total cost of ownership. This seminar will examine the converging network challenges and how they come together as one solution to enable a more efficient operation for IT, Facilities and Security. I will be demonstrating using our new world headquarters in Illinois, the 2nd only LEED gold certified building as the basis for this example. 

Trade Secrets Revealed: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership of Office Equipment
Location: Six Mile Creek Meeting Room
Presented by: Eastern Managed Print Network - A Xerox Company

This seminar will describe in detail the trade practices used for understanding the true cost breakdown and asset deployment in an office environment. Attendees will be able to use these same best practices and calculations to cut through any sales pitch from any current or potential provider of office equipment.