Audiovisual Production Services

The following is a list of services that our Audiovisual Production Technicians provide on a routine basis:

  • PowerPoint slide show projection with full audio support

  • Video projection support for ½" VHS and DVD

  • DVD projection support including full audio support

  • House sound support in the Emerson Suites, including up to four microphones

  • Event sound support at other locations using portable sound systems and including up to two microphones and one CD player

  • House sound support in IC Square including up to four microphones, two monitors, two auxiliary speakers (for overflow seating area) and one CD player

  • Non-colored stage wash lighting, using house lights in the Emerson Suites and IC Square

  • Colored dance floor lighting in the Emerson Suites and IC Square

If your event requires more extensive production technology, with enough lead time, the Campus Center and Event Services office is able to work with you to try and accommodate your specific needs. 

More advances services have included:

  • Automated lighting systems

  • Concert audio systems with monitor mix

  • Integrated, large-scale audio/video presentations

  • Themed lighting and décor

  • Theatrical drapery

We are happy to provide personalized attention to all of our clients, though all services are dependent on the availability of staff and equipment inventory.  Please contact our office as early as possible to discuss specifics about your event and audio visual fees.