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"CCES was by far the most rewarding and influential experience of my college career.  I had the pleasure of spending three and a half years with the office.  I left not only with the skills necessary to launch me into a career as a professional conference producer, but also with a customer service-centric mindset and the experience of being a manager of people, processes, and of course: events.


As a Lead Event and Marketing Coordinator at CC&ES, I was responsible for meeting with clients to plan dozens of events each semester and shared in the leadership of a group of Event and Marketing Coordinators and Special Event Managers.  My favorite part about the role I played at CC&ES was the encouragement I received from the office's directors to vest myself in the position - making each event my own and allowing me to input my individual skills into the position, including developing and implementing a training manual and cloud-based project management system for the office's student event coordinators.  I owe much of my career success to the skills I was able to develop while a student with CC&ES, and the excellent leadership in the office."


- Timothy Berry '14, Event Coordinator, CBI, Advanstar Pharmaceutical Sciences Group

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"I've always said that my time spent at CC&ES prepared me more for the real world than any other experience I had at Ithaca College.  I worked as a Production Technician from 2004-2008, and the skills I learned within audiovisual, and even more importantly, within customer service, organization, and client interaction have proved invaluable in my professional career.  I currently work for Encore Event Technologies as a Director of Event Technologies for hotel-based audiovisual.  Looking back, my employment at CC&ES was essentially a training course for my current job.  I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to work for CC&ES to take it and make the most of it!  It really gives the extra edge needed post-graduation."


- Adrienne V. Genova (Salopek) '08, Director of Event Technologies, Encore Event Technologies

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