Provide communication and support to receive and record all service requests, vehicle requests, material procurement, preventive maintenance scheduling, facilities design, technical support and documentation for all of Ithaca College, as well as provide guidance and direction for the college's resource and environmental management program. Maintain payroll, personnel and accounting business records for Facilities.

Dr. Timothy Carey, Associate Vice President
(607) 274-3269

Lisa Belokur, Director for Facilities Services
(607) 274-3767

Steve Dayton, Director for Planning, Design & Construction
(607) 274-1663

TBD, Energy Manager
(607) 274-3769

Ernie McClatchie, Director for Grounds & Transportation
(607) 274-3235

Zachariah Newswanger, Director for Facilities Maintenance
(607) 274-3763

Susan Shutts , Manager of Warehouse Operations
(607) 274-3694

Gail Wagner, Purchasing Manager
(607) 274-1537

TBD, Assistant to the Associate Vice President
(607) 274-3764

Debra Gregg, Administrative Assistant
     Facilities Services
     Planning, Design & Construction
(607) 274-3761

Lori Ray, Administrative Assistant
     Grounds & Transportation
(607) 274-3762

Jennifer Buell, Administrative Assistant
(607) 274-3765