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Posted by Michelle Jones at 9:49AM

This year on August 10th, Ithaca College held its 4th annual EdEnergy Conference in Campus Center. In past years the conference has been a half day event, with fewer vendors participating. This year there was a total of 46 vendors and over 250 participants in attendance for a full day of energy education with multiple tracks. Helping to plan the event was definitely a challenge, but it was a great learning experience and all worthwhile when the evaluation forms came in with comments stating: “The preparation for the event was evident, and information for vendors was well put together.”

There were three seminar categories that included, The Life Cycle of Energy Management, Operational Best Practices, and Vendor Product and Services. Participants were from businesses including: educational, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, government, engineering, and transportation industries. Seminars were meant to help participants learn how to save money on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their facilities. The conference turned out to be a great place for networking and learning about the energy industry.

I was unable to attend many of the sessions, because I was working the event, but the few I did attend were very interesting and I learned something new at each of them. Next year, the EdEnergy Conference will be held on October 1st, 2012 in Campus Center, giving Ithaca College students the opportunity to participate in the event. I highly recommend students to stop in, speak with some of the vendors, and attend some of the seminar sessions.

Our online evaluations revealed that many participants were very satisfied with the seminars that were held. One said “I attended four seminars. All seminars were well presented. I thought the content of all seminars was great!” Another person stated that they were “looking forward to next year’s topics.”

The evaluation forms turned out to be a great asset. There were many positive comments as well as comments on ways to improve for next year. Many vendors and participants were concerned with the placement of the coffee, water, and soda (in the back of the speaker seminar rooms). For next year we will make sure to place these items in the vendor booth area, so they are more accessible to everyone. Another concern was the Welcome meeting location. Many participants were confused as to where Textor Hall was, and it was rather far from the exhibit hall. Next year the Welcome will be right in the vendor booth area, and there will be better signage to direct people to each seminar location.

For a list of the vendors and seminar descriptions please visit our website at:

Patricia Santelli '12
Environmental Science
Energy Management Intern

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