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Posted by Michelle Jones at 4:48PM
Cold Wash Sticker

Recently, Cold Wash stickers have been placed on all the washing machines on campus, pointing to the “bright colors” cycle, which washes with cold water. It has been brought to our attention that not everyone knows which cycle selection is cold wash. Also, we would like to inform students about the benefits of washing their clothes with cold water.

Here are a few reasons to wash with cold water:
• Colors won’t bleed together, so you can wash all your clothes at once! Throw in your whites, colors, darks, anything you want!
• You won’t shrink your clothes! Ever wash a new pair of jeans or sweater on hot and have it come out too small to wear again?
• Your clothes will last longer! Cold water is less abrasive on your clothes so they won’t fade or pill as quickly!
• Detergent works just as well with cold water as it does with warm or hot water. Whether you wash on warm or cold your clothes will still come out clean!
• IT SAVES ENERGY! Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Wash on cold to save on heating water with natural gas!

So, make sure to select “bright colors” when you are washing your clothes on campus. About 90% of the energy used by washing clothes goes just to heat the water. Both your clothes and the environment will benefit from your cold wash choice.

Other Energy Saving Tips:
• Make sure you wash a full load! Since you can mix your clothes if you wash them on cold you should be able to condense your laundry into a smaller number of large loads.
• Try drying some of your clothes in your room! Especially in the winter, they will help humidify the room so it is not so dry.

Patricia Santelli '12
Environmental Science
Energy Management Intern

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