Move Checklist

  1. Gain official department head or Dean approval for move
  2. Notify the Office of Facilities and ITS of the move by completing the Office Move form
  3. Meet with Facilities and ITS to plan logistics
  4. Notify staff affected by move
  5. Identify who and what is going where
  6. Have new floor plans available for Facilities and ITS with move information
  7. Get storage boxes
  8. Get tape for labeling
  9. Distribute Office Move quick guide to individuals affected by move
  10. Individuals pack office supplies and label equipment, furniture, pictures, and shelving prior to movers showing up
  11. Individuals identify and dispose of/recycle any unused equipment or supplies - see OSCAR for more details
  12. ITS moves labeled computer equipment
  13. Facilities moves labeled office equipment, shelving, pictures, and boxes
  14. ITS resets computer(s), printers, and scanners
  15. Individuals unpack boxes and reset office
  16. Facilities hangs shelving and pictures
  17. Individuals update Parnassus office information
  18. Individuals update Technology Renewal Asset database