Sample Design Statement for Internships

Human Resource Internship

XYC Company, New York, NY

1. Career Goals of Student. My career goal is to work in the personnel department of a large company. I am interested in designing employee selection tests and procedures for personnel performance appraisals. I may ultimately pursue a Master's degree in Industrial/Organization psychology or an MBA in Human Resources.

2. Learning objectives of the internship. The major objective of my internship is to learn how a large personnel department functions, and to learn about the different jobs within the department. I also expect to improve my research and data analytic skills.

3. Description of Place of Internship XYC Company is a large, multi-national hotel chain headquartered in New York City. I will be working in the personnel department. I will shadow managers of each of the major areas within the personnel department at XYZ for one week each. These areas include: selection, hiring, placement, legal, and review. In addition to learning how each of these tasks is done at XYZ I will have responsibility for collecting data from personnel records on employees who have left XYZ for any reason over the last year, and producing a report for XYZ analyzing the patterns in their records.

4. Preparation for Internship I have completed my junior year as an Applied Psychology major at Ithaca College. As a part of my major, I have taken Principles of Management, Introduction to Law I, Industrial Psychology, Human Resource Management and Statistics in Psychology. I have completed 90 credits overall and 56 credits in my major. I am not on warning for grades or credits.

5. Nature and scope of papers or projects

a. Each Friday I will e-mail my faculty sponsor (Dr. Lynn) a brief description of my internship activities during the past week..

b. At the end of my internship I will give my faculty sponsor a brief summary of my internship activities and how the experiences fit with both my coursework at Ithaca College and my career goals.

c. I will write a research report describing the current status of laws and court rulings regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment law is an important aspect of personnel.

6. Faculty Sponsor My faculty sponsor is Dr. Ann Lynn

7. Method and amount of ongoing interaction with faculty sponsor I will spend about 30 minutes each week writing my weekly report to Dr. Lynn. In addition, Dr. Lynn with make a site visit to XYZ Company in July to meet my field supervisor and see my work environment.

8. Field Supervisor Bob Barkley, Assistant to the V.P. of Personnel will be my field supervisor. Mr. Barkley has worked at XYZ for 4 years and coordinates the interns in the personnel department. Mr. Barkley will schedule my rotations the managers of the various areas within the personnel department, and will supervise the analysis I will do of the personnel records.

9. Method of evaluation by faculty Dr. Lynn's evaluation of my performance will depend upon the quality of my weekly reports, the summary of my activities, the research paper on sexual harassment, Mr. Barkley's written evaluation of my performance on the internship, and her evaluation based on a site visit.







10. Amount of Credit

My internship will begin on June 1, 2001 and end on August 1, 2001. I am requesting 3 credits. I have not previously earned internship credits. Below are the number of hours involved in the activities specified in sections 3,5,7 and 8.

Hours per week at XYZ Company 20 hours

Weekly progress report .5 hours

Total hours per week 20.5 hours

times 9 weeks x 9

184.5 hours

Summary of internship activities 2 hours

Report on Sexual harassment law 20 hours

Total Internship Hours 206.5

Total hours needed for 3 credits (60 hrs per credit) 180

11. Grading Scheme The grading scheme will be based on a letter grade. My activities will be weighted as follows:

Weekly progress reports 10%

Summary of Activities 20%

Research report 30%

Evaluation of on-site activities (by field supervisor and site visit) 50%