Financial Services offers ICFast (Financial Account Snapshot Tool) on the Financials homepage in Argus. This is a web-based account inquiry and drill down of your accounts, accurate up to the previous day. You can view funds by Department or Project, as well as view account history from previous fiscal years. You must have Parnassus account access to use ICFast.

Financial Services also offers a variety of reports in Parnassus and Argus. Reports run in Parnassus are in "real-time", reports run in Argus are current up to the previous night's refresh. Argus reports are located on the "Financial Reports" tab of the Financials section of Argus. You must have account access in Parnassus to run Financial reports in Parnassus or Argus.

Below are links to two reports which are also in Argus on the "Financial Reports" tab of the Financials portion of Argus.

Subcodes for Departments
A complete listing of all the Subcodes available to Departments

Account Listing by Parnassus Username
Enter your e-mail username and get a list of all the accounts you have access to

If you are unable to locate a report, or would like to request a new report, please contact Jo Anne Rosato, Jennifer Landon or Jerry McConnell in Financial Services for assistance.