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Expense Report Form

All travel must be in compliance with the College's Travel Policy.

This form is used to capture a trip's total expenses for all travelers.

Within ten business days of completion of travel, submit an Ithaca College Expense Report Form. Reimbursements will be based on one final approved Expense Report Form.

  • All payment methods MUST be listed on this form including Cash Advances.
  • All original receipts requiring reimbursement should be taped to 8 ½" x 11" sheets of paper. When original receipts are not available, prepare, sign and attach a memo explaining the expense.
  • When requesting reimbursement, Departmental Coordinators must forward Expense Report Forms including documentation to Travel Services.
  • Attach copies of all Travel Card receipts (originals should remain with the credit card statement at the departmental level).
  • Attach copies of all pre-trip expense documentation (i.e. VAF, PO).
  • For International Travel, additional instructions can be found in the International Travel section of the Travel Policy.
  • Contact Travel Services at (607) 274-1480 with questions.
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TRIP EXPENSES Itemized receipts are required for all expenses
Paid by Traveler
Out-of-pocket expenses
including those paid
with Cash Advance monies
Paid by
Ithaca College

IC Travel Card,
POs, or VAFs
Rented vehicle
College vehicle  
   not reimbursed for personal vehicle use
Personal vehicle mileage
   IC reimburses up to 180 miles per trip
   $.56 per mile   x   miles

Ground transportation -
   incl. gratuity for bus, taxis, shuttle
Lodging - incl. gratuity
Meals - incl. gratuity
Maximum funding authorized (If no maximum, leave blank)
Total expenses paid by traveler
Total Cash Advance(s) (include cash advance amount from Travel Card if applicable)
Amount due to College from traveler
    Payable to Ithaca College - deposit at Cashiering Services
    Include deposit receipt with expense report
Amount due to traveler
Reimbursement amount due to the traveler - enter account(s) to be charged below
Account 1 *
* Amount 1
Account 2  
Amount 2
Account 3  
Amount 3
* I acknowledge that in order to comply with IRS regulations, I will reconcile my College travel expenses on an Expense Report Form within 60 days upon return from travel. In the event that an Expense Report Form is not submitted to Travel Services within the 60 day time frame, any college paid expenses will be treated as my personal income. These funds will be subject to required payroll tax withholding and reported on my W-2 Form. College related travel expenses incurred using personal funds will be ineligible for reimbursement after 60 days.


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