Orbitz for Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions with responses to assist when booking travel through Orbitzforbusiness.netGetting Started with Orbitz for Business and  Helpful Hints user guides are additional resources providing further details and information.

Why must my profile information match my Government Issued ID?
The name, gender and birth date entered in My Account/My Profile section is utilized by the airlines on your tickets.  This information must match the Government issued ID (such as driver's license or passport) you present when going through an airport security checkpoint.

Can I change my email address listed in My Account?
The pre-filled email@ithaca.edu in My Account cannot currently be changed by IC employees. However, additional email contacts can be added under Change e-mail settings.

Can Orbitzforbusiness.net be used for Personal travel?
Only Ithaca College business travel may be booked through Orbitzforbusiness.net.

How do I add my IC Travel Card information?
Go to My Account >Billing Information >Add a new card.  Personal credit cards can be added but only IC business travel may be booked through Orbitzforbusiness.net.

Will my designated Travel Arranger(s) be able to view my personal information?
When you designate an IC employee as your Travel Arranger, you are authorizing them to make travel arrangements for you.  Only TSA and Personal credit card information are hidden.

As a Travel Arranger how do I select my assigned traveler(s)?
After logging into Orbitz for Business, use the Change Traveler link in the top left box where Traveler:traveler's name are located.  Always check that the traveler name indicated is the traveler you will be booking travel; otherwise, click Change Traveler to select the proper traveler's name.  Clicking the Ithaca College logo will NOT reset the traveler name.

How do I enter Loyalty Programs (i.e. frequent flier miles)?
To enter and save reward numbers go to My Account >My Profile >Loyalty Programs for flight, car, hotel, & rail rewards. Setting these up one time in advance of booking flights avoids contacting Customer Assistance to add for each new booking/reservation.

What should I enter for the Travel Authorization Number when making a reservation?
Enter date of travel and destination in this field.

What is Business Advantage (formerly Low Price Guarantee or LPG)?
Hotels listing Business Advantage rates are guaranteed by Orbitz to be the lowest online hotel rates. Business Advantage rates are pre-purchased and resold by Orbitz, therefore, these  rates are NOT Tax Exempt and the total cost is charged to your credit card at time of booking/reservation. Travelers or Travel Arrangers will need to print itinerary/receipt from My Trips for the expense report as hotels will not provide a receipt except for incidentals.

What is the travel related Emergency Contact Information?

  • Orbitz for Business Customer Assistance is available 24hrs/day 7 days/week at 1-877-672-4891
  • For non-urgent travel related matters Mon-Fri during regular Ithaca College business hours contact Travel Services at 1-607-274-1480 or email travel@ithaca.edu

How do I book air travel to include my valuable instrument?
Travelers requiring a "seat" for larger valuable instruments will contact Customer Assistance at 1-877-672-4891 to book travel for the individual traveler and their instrument. Additional fees will apply.

What does In Policy and Out of Policy indicate? 
In Policy and Out of Policy refer to the Ithaca College travel policy.  When an Out of Policy selection is made, a valid reason for the exception must be specified.

What if I forget my Password?
Go to www.orbitzforbusiness.net >click on Request a New Password on the left side >enter your IC email address >click Continue. This is the same procedure for new users the very first time accessing Orbitz for Business.

How do I cancel or change air tickets?
Tickets can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase without penalty either online or by contacting Orbitz for Business. Penalties and fees are applicable for cancellations later than 24 hours of purchase.  Tickets must be cancelled prior to flight time to retain any remaining value.  Any applicable airline imposed change or cancellation fees will display when changing the trip.

How do I apply unused non-refundable airline tickets issued through Orbitz for Business to my future travel?
Travelers can track qualified unused non-refundable tickets under My Trips >Redeem Ticket value. When you are booking a flight and have an existing credit with the same carrier, Orbitz for Business displays a prompt to apply funds to this purchase. However, travelers will not be reminded of any unused tickets when you are booking a flight with a different carrier than the unused ticket.