Orbitz for Business

Rates & Services

Orbitz for Business is Ithaca College's preferred booking tool for college related travel. Listed below are Orbitz's rates and services.

Online Bookings

Air   $7.00
Non-Standard* Air $10.00
Hotel   $2.00
Car   $2.00
Rail $10.00
No additional charges for canceling/voiding or exchanging online bookings  

Offline Bookings
(agent-assisted reservations via telephone, fax, live chat or email)                    

Air (Domestic) $22.00
Air (International) $32.00
Non-Standard* Air (Domestic) $25.00
Non-Standard* Air (International) $35.00
Agent Assist $15.00
Hotel   $2.00
Car   $2.00
Rail $25.00

*A non-standard airline does not participate in the Global Distribution System (GDS) program.  Southwest Airline is a non-standard airline.