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FLEFF 2014 Dissonance Guests

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The Cloud Chamber OrchestraThe Cloud Chamber Orchestra
Dazzling, densely textured, evocative music from Robby Aceto, Peter Dodge, and Chris White.

The Cloud Chamber Orchestra. Searing, haunting, mesmerizing, the Cloud Chamber Orchestra’s brilliant, improvised scores rewire the relationship between live music and silent film. Emerging from the exquisite live improvisations between Robby Aceto (guitars, looping and atmospherics), Chris White (cello, looping), and Peter Dodge (trumpet, baritone horn, piano, percussion, voice), this dazzling, densely textured, evocative trio suggests new ways to think in and through the landscapes of silent film. Here, past, present, and future converge in a penetrating, urgent polarity. Rather than driving a narrative, their rich, post-minimalist, post-ambient soundscape opens a way to see a film anew, as an equal collaboration and mysterious, ineffable dialogue between musicians, film, and audience. Accessible in their rhythms and arcs yet complex in tonalities and timbres, emotional yet intellectual, the dialectics of controlled form and out-of-control risk surround us with a new topography of sonic wanderings through sound. - Patricia Zimmermann