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FLEFF 2014 Dissonance Guests

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Michael Stark Michael Stark
Keyboardist / songwriter / composer from Ithaca New York.

The musician and songwriter Michael Stark has lived in Ithaca for over 10 years, and is widely considered by his peers to be one of Ithaca's finest musicians. But how well do you really know him? In person, Stark is thoughtful, reserved and careful with words. Stark's also one of the most accommodating and compatible musicians in town, and other musicians love him for his ability to fit in seamlessly within his surroundings without sacrificing his own voice. As those in the audience who have witnessed this musical chameleon can testify, his playing is agile, and equal parts forceful and mellow, depending on the musical context.

Since moving to Ithaca from New York City in 1995, Stark has played everything from avant-garde jazz to dub-rock to singer-songwriter folk, and has served as the foundation and soul of countless albums. Stark has backed nearly all of Ithaca's most celebrated names - Jennie Stearns, Johnny Dowd, Mary Lorson, Hank Roberts, Kevin Kinsella - as well as helming his own projects, including the jazz-fusion trio Wingnut, the duo Tzar and the ever-changing collective Orbiting Art Ensemble.