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Cornell Lab of Ornithology ShowcaseCornell Lab of Ornithology Showcase
Seven short films drawn from the archives of the world renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology, w/ several guests from the lab.

A visual and auditory feast from Cornell's Lab of Ornithology includes the following short films: (Total run time, 56 min.)

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Through the Lens: Yellow-billed Loon / 3:06
The Yellow-billed Loon is the largest and most spectacular of the world's five loon species. It breeds around the globe in arctic and sub-arctic tundra lakes and is the northern counterpart to the Common Loon. Watch this rare video shot by The Lab's Gerrit Vyn of a mated pair calling and foraging just after arriving on the partially frozen breeding grounds in Chukotka, Russia.

Tracking Alaska’s Godwits / 20:00
A team of scientists ventures to Alaska's remote North Slope to capture ten Bar-tailed Godwits and surgically implant each with a satellite transmitter. The information from these transmitters will allow scientists to understand where Bar-tailed Godwits go during their incredible non-stop migrations and contribute to the conservation of the species.

How Nature Works: Catbird Mimicry / 4:47
A remarkable Gray Catbird mimics dozens of bird species (and a frog too!) in northern California. Listen as Greg Budney, audio curator at the Macaulay Library, dissects the recording and notes each snippet of mimicked song.

Field Report: Migratory Bird Trapping in South China / 8:00
Large-scale trapping of migratory birds in southern China has emerged as a major threat to Asia's bird life and to sensitive populations of Pacific migrants. Using methods such as mist nets, hunters are taking large numbers of birds, including threatened and endangered species. Most birds are destined for diners’ tables in upscale restaurants in China’s Guangdong Province. Reporting by Gerrit Vyn.

How Nature Works: Barrier Island Foraging Strategies / 7:02
Louisiana's barrier islands provide critical and unique habitat for a range of migrant and wintering bird species. Shorebirds in particular utilize a variety of specialized feeding techniques to harvest their own favored types of prey. Winner of the Wildlife Award at the 2014 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival Wild.

Paradise Found / 13:00
Tim Laman and Edwin Scholes have spent nearly a decade documenting the 39 species of birds of paradise that live in Papua New Guinea. The birds — which are both gorgeous and silly — prove to be elusive prey for the cameras of Laman and Scholes, but, as usual, the adventure is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Winner Best Exploration Film at the New York Wild Film Festival.

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