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Upstate Filmmakers ShowcaseUpstate Filmmakers Showcase
Our annual tribute to regional filmmakers with deservedly national and international reputations, w/ Chris Gallant, Vincent Grenier, Tomonari Nishikaw

Upstate Filmmakers Showcase (curated by Karen Rodriguez) Featuring the works of Chris Gallant, Meg Knowles, Vincent Grenier,  Andy Watts, Tomonari Nishikawa, John Scott, and Wenhua Shi.

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Film List:

Monday is Washday Series, 2013

Directors: Chris Gallant and Meg Knowles

By Chris Gallant and Meg Knowles, this is the 7th in a series of videos about the work (we have done traditionally and do today): one for each day of the week. Featured in "The Front Yard" at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, 2013. Features Felice Koenig and Ramona Santa Maria. "Collect 'em all!"

Watercolor 12:37 min., 2013.

Director: Vincent Grenier

Water flows under an expressway and a railway. The path under these bridges never before seemed particularly attractive until this summer when I lingered and started to take pictures. I think the piece speaks for itself as it ended up going into so many different directions, emerging from concerns about space, the pictorial plane and a particularly interesting intersection between man made structures (both visually and aurally) and a changing, surprising nature. Watercolor (Fall Creek) exists between these necessary worlds, as time unfolds and remains difficult to comprehend.

What was, what has become, what's left, what's new, what is, what is made up, what is lighted, reflected, hidden, made transparent, or unknown, different rates of changes, matter of various kinds, all intent on affirming competing realities, spread themselves on the wide cinema screen both literally and figuratively. Where the how has as much to do with the is.

"Islands. O for God's sake they are connected underneath" -- Muriel Rukeyser

45 7 Broadway 5 min., 2013

Director: Tomonari Nishikawa

This is about Times Square, the noises and movements at this most well-known intersection. The film was shot on black and white films through color filters, red, green, and blue, then shots were optically printed onto color films through these filters. The layered images of shots by handheld camera would agitate the scenes, and the advertisements on the digital billboards try to pull ahead of others.

In the Waiting Room 6 min., 2013

Director: John D. Scott

Elizabeth Bishop’s writing is brought to life by John D. Scott, utilizing period sets, fanciful flourishes and an overwhelming sense of surrealism to zero in on the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet’s extraordinary ability with language and expression.

Palimpsest  I 10 min., 2010/2014

Director: Wenhua Shi

Palimpsest is a video installation as a tribute to Vertov's Man with Movie Camera. The footage is gathered from Berlin, Beijing and New York and re-examines the three different forms of Modernity and its Utopia. Part one of a ten-part series.

Where The Walls Contain Everything But The Sky 20 min., 2014

Director: Andy Watts

This documentary work-in-progress centers on five remarkable incarcerated men at Auburn Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in upstate New York, who form a their own theater troupe.  With sentences ranging from 15 years to life behind bars, the men tackle Shakespeare, their pasts, and the daily grind of prison life itself to find truth and redemption behind 40-foot walls.  Rehearsing a mere two hours a week with volunteer facilitators, they resolve to put on a performance mixing Shakespeare soliloquies with their own writing and reflections, not only on their current circumstances, but on tragic decisions from their past.  The film follows these men as they struggle with the demands of acting and all the emotions those demands dredge up. Today’s screening is a condensed twenty-minute work-in-progress version of a feature length documentary.