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Production and the Creative Spirit

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Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 1:03AM   |  Add a comment


Welcome to CREATING SPACES, the new interactive blog on production and creativity co-written by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, principals of Insights International, the award-winning multimedia company based in New York City and Ithaca, New York. Insights International specializes in science, environmental, and educational documentary and multimedia, as well as commercial production services.

CREATING SPACES is designed to bring the emerging producer, beginning cinematographer, editors-starting-out, free style ski moviemaker, youtube practitioner, media political activist and emerging artist into the public media world and into professional production and producing. Insights International migrates between the non-profit and for-profit worlds of production and media arts. (Ann Michel is the president of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminars, the oldest non-profit media arts organization in the world, and Phil shoots for commercial media clients like CNN, for example!). 

CREATING SPACES will feature production tips, top five lists of gears and gadgets  you can't live without, current controversies, how to get your break into the non-profit and for-profit media world, and how to navigate that transition from student to media arts entrepreneur.  In endless loops trying to figure out what to do on your production?  Looking for copyright cleared images?  Trying to figure out how that camera actually works? Love to experiment and innovate? Come to CREATING SPACES.

CREATING SPACES will also be loaded with lots of advice about production, creativity, and how to enter these worlds.

CREATING SPACES is here for YOU.  If you are contestant for the 2010 FLEFF user-generated contests rolled out on May 15, MAKE OPEN SPACE, COMPOSE OPEN SPACE, or DEFINE OPEN SPACE,  and need help--COMMENT ON OUR BLOG. We'll answer questions, and, we hope, inspire you to participate. 

Join the conversation. We love problem-solving. So send us your production problems and career advice questions. And let's create some spaces together!




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