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Posted by Alexis Lanza at 9:13PM   |  5 comments
screenings are a learning experience

Blogging post by Alexis Lanza, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Blogger, Enfield, CT


Our blogging team brainstormed a list of 17 reasons why students should attend FLEFF.


Number 11: An opportunity to learn through different mediums, art forms, and formats.


There are so many different ways one can learn— through hands-on experience, a lecture, a discussion, a screening, et cetera. It differs for everyone based on learning preference. It is important to allow oneself to soak up a variety of learning techniques.


Students spend a good chunk of their time studying; underlining articles, frantically trying to type the stream of consciousness that comes from their professor's mouth, and holed up on the 4th floor of the library at separate cubicles, cramming for exams.


I think sometimes students forget that they can have a learning experience in which they sit back in comfortable theater seats, take a breath, and watch.


Observation is a powerful thing. FLEFF offers students a chance to take a break from the mainstream undergraduate learning practice and allow themselves to gain knowledge through film screenings, musical performances, discussions, and other formats.


Check out the full list here! /fleff/blogs/fresh_at_fleff/


I'm so glad that you focused on observation as a learning experience. The power of watching, of absorbing knowledge is often underrated.

Another alternative learning experience that FLEFF provides is the ability to learn through conversation. Not formal discussion, but just reflecting with peers and guests, sharing stories, sharing ideas.

Good point Kayla; conversation is what I'm most looking forward to at FLEFF!

This is show that the best way to learn new things like FLEFF.
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