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Posted by Karly Placek at 1:37PM   |  4 comments

 Blog posting written by Karly Placek, Documentary Studies and Production '15, FLEFF Blogger, Monroe, Wisconsin 

 Look down at your feet. 

Are they moving? In fact, when's the last time you stood up? Walked around? 

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming far too common. Even I spend most of my day sitting - in the classroom, at my desk, in my car. We are becoming immobile. 

Our children are stuck indoors while childhood obesity skyrockets. We want to go to the gym, but we're too busy with work. And after all, our cubicles only offer us 4 feet to pace around in. 

We need Mobilities now more than ever. Mobilities are what move us. Mobilities are a call to action . Mobilities are the pains in our rear that remind us that we need to get up and do. 

 This year at FLEFF, the movers and shakers of the world will assemble. Those who understand the dangers of an immobile world will unite. Voices from dGenerate Films ,  who specialize in  banned Chinese political films, will collaborate with the minds of Fulbright scholars from around the world. FLEFF creates a community for active  conversation, for moving ideas. We will not only get up, we will run to a sustainable, mobile future. 

FLEFF is mobile. 

Are you? 


I agree with your observation about indoors. Indoors is restrictive. It holds us hostage. But what about the social network, does this count as a way to MOBILIZE ideas? Can we still be physically motionless while creating ideas on the blogosphere?

Karly, I think you made quite a literal observation here, but I do agree with Shea.

Consider how much more there is to movement. Art. Culture. Even cyberspace. This evokes even more engagement, especially through the use of social media.

It definitely does! However, we still live an immobile world. In order to mobilize, we need institutions such as the festival. The festival is art, the festival is movement!

Thanks really valuable. Will certainly share site with my good friends..

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