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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Kimberly Capehart at 1:58PM   |  1 comment
One last picture of the 2014 FLEFF blogging and intern team

Blog posting by Kimberly Capehart, Documentary Studies and Production '16, FLEFF Blogger, Cherry Hill, NJ 


10 - the number of spent weeks of planning, interviewing, and blogging:

  • Leading up to the 17th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, all of the FLEFF Bloggers spent 10 weeks reading, researching, and learning about film festivals in anticipation of FLEFF. I researched and interviewed directors, musicians, scholars, professors, international guests, etc.  

9 - the number of films I saw at Cinemapolis.

  • From Thursday to Sunday at Cinemapolis, I was able to see a total of 9 feature-length films and events! A Will for the Woods with filmmakers Amy Browne, Tony Hale, and Brian Wilson; The Red Kimono with live musical accompaniment by Fe Nunn and Friends, Who is Dayani Critsal with distributor, Rodrigo Brandao; EngageMedia shorts with co-founder of EngageMedia, Andrew Loewenthal; Cotton Road with director Laura Kissel, Okrunzie lecture with Irina Artistarkhova, Battleship Potemkin with musical accompaniment by the Cloud Chamber Orchestra, CartonerosThe Throwaways with filmmakers Ira McKinley and Bhawin Suchak, The Hungry Heart with filmmaker Bess O'Brien, and The Upstate Filmmaker's Showcase.

8 - the number of fantastic members of the blogging team, with whom I bonded, watched films, and engaged in intellectual conversations

  • Our blogging team spent a lot of time working together prior to the festival, so it was great to experience the festival with 8 fantastic writers with whom I was so acquainted. As we share our reflections at our last FLEFF session, the official end of the festival is very bittersweet. 

7 - the number of insanely busy, jam-packed, glorious days of FLEFF 

  • And less than 365 days until the next 7 days of FLEFF! 

6 - the number of guests I was able to have length, intellectual, and incredibly engaging conversations with, either one on one or with a small group of my peers 

  • As a nervous freshman last year, I'll admit that I definitely didn't engage as much as I could have during my first FLEFF experience. This year, I made sure to push myself out of my comfort zone and to engage with as many FLEFF guests as I could. It was great to engage in meaningful conversation about so many different ideas with real people who are working in the industry in which I, myself, hope to be a part. 

5 - the number of days of films on campus: showing everything from films about political revolutions to feminism to food. 

  • If only there was more time in the day to see all of the great films that were shown on campus: from 8 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock at night! 

4 - the number of nights that I spent at Cinemapolis, usually not leaving until 11 PM 

  • I'm very glad that I took full advantage of the films being show downtown at Cinemapolis. In addition to seeing some very thought-provoking films, I love engaging with fellow students and Ithaca residents in such a unique spot downtown. 

3 - the number of meet ups, informal workshops, and FLEFF Lab Friday sessions that I attended.

  • The meet ups, specifically the How to Get Your Break Panel, are the most exciting events for any student in the School of Communications and I think that this year’s panel cultivated the best guests to share their experiences with students. I really appreciated the diversity in backgrounds and stories told by the guests about how they got started in their careers. This practical information is incredibly relevant, and it’s such a privilege and an honor to be able to gain industry insight and to hear these high-profile people speak openly about their lives

2 - the number of exciting new media presentations I was able to see, in a very intimate setting with the creators/artists 

  • It was incredibly meaningful to sit in an intimate setting and engage with new media artists whose work I had been eagerly researching in the weeks preceding FLEFF. New media is a diverse and rapidly growing field that I'm, personally, very interested in; I like the combination of ideas and media. I won't forget the energy and the ideas I received from these memorable guests.

1 - amazing FLEFF experience that I would gladly do again and again. 

FLEFF is truly your own experience; you'll get out whatever you put into the experience. As a student on the Ithaca College campus, I strongly believe that it's important to engage in this unique experience. You will rarely get the chance to passionately engage in ideas - so pursue the opportunity while you still can.

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This is such an excellent breakdown of the festival. One of my favorite lists by far! I think this post really focuses in on how many different elements there are to the festival.

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