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Distributed Microtopias Exhibition

Jury Prize:  Null Sets

Distributed microtopias run across distributed networks like the Internet to provoke and educate from remote locations on a sustainable scale, expand knowledge rather than contain it, invite participation and exploration, and unhinge familiar habits of thinking to envision new possibilities for historical and cultural clarity.  Internet memes are an example of distributed microtopias.  Images and texts created on consumer-grade software by nonprofessionals generate spaces that are public-but-not-entirely-public, depending on “privacy settings.”

This FLEFF 2012 exhibition reflects a wide array of the ingenious ways that artist-intellectuals are imagining new ways — and new-media ways — of becoming in the world through the structural and aesthetic properties of digitality that can that transform everyday realities into once-in-a-lifetime possibilities.

Distributed Microtopias was curated by Dale Hudson NYUAD (UAE/USA) and juried by Enrico Anditjondro, Engage Media  (Indonesia)