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Art is Atrocity Project

Art is Atrocity Project

Samantha Raut | United States

Art is Atrocity(2011–2012)

Adopting the inelegant look of rightwing grassroots associations, Art is Atrocity lures patriotic citizens of central New York State to reflect upon their own assumptions through strategically placed billboards and a web site.  The tactical-media project calls attention to the erasure of art and music from public-school curriculums by inviting users to participate in meaningful discussions of neoliberal economic policy decisions affecting education in the United States, as evidenced in the archive of responses.

Samantha Raut is a digital artist living in central New York.  She received her BS degree in Digital Arts and Sciences from Clarkson University in 2010.  Raut's work often revolves around storytelling and creating a space for self-reflection. A majority of her work is in the form of 3D digital models or animations, but she has also created work that provokes a reaction from viewers, and provides a way for them to communicate their own ideas and opinions as a result.