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Geography of Reclamation

Geography of Reclamation

Nicole Antebi | United States

Geography of Reclamation: An Essay in Three Parts (2012)

Exploring environmentalism through the intersection of the work of David Brower, Floyd Dominy, and Robert Smithson, Geography of Reclamation layers competing ideas that shaped the course of history as much as the policies, activism, and art of these three men shaped the course of the waterways within the Colorado River Basin in the western United States.  The short animated essay is structured by the counterpoint of three voices, ending with questions raised about preserving Smithson’s Spiral Jetty (1970), an earthwork sculpture constructed of mud, salt, and rocks, that the artist hoped would disappear naturally but is now faced with the threat of nearby oil drilling.

Nicole Antebi is a Los Angeles-based artist and organizer, working mostly in video, installation, and animation, she has recently developed a series of animated documentaries which draw connections between the language, strategies, and mythologies surrounding so many of California's historical water wizards and moguls whose excessive vision led to calamitous ends.