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Scene 32

Scene 32

Shambhavi Kaul | India/United States

Scene 32 (2009)

Reworking the salt fields of Central Kutch from a specific landscape in Gujarat into a nonspecific landscape that could be anywhere through High Definition Video and hand-processed 16mm film, Scene 32 obliterates familiar psychological moorings to place-based size and scale, replacing them with a world in which microscopic textures form precipices through which the sounds of winds carry.  The salt fields become a site for meditation in an alternating succession of higher and lower resolution images and compressed and uncompressed spectrums of lights and color that distinguish HDV from black-and-white celluloid.

Shambhavi Kaul is a filmmaker and editor.  Her award winning work has exhibited internationally at a number of prestigious venues such as the New York Film Festival, The International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Black Maria Film Festival, the European Media Arts Festival, the Full Frame Film Festival and the San Francisco Cinematheque.  Kaul lives in India and the United States where she also teaches courses at Duke University.