FLEFF Intern Stories


Becki Pine '08

Becki Pine, '08

Culture and Communications
Class of 2008
Short Hills, NJ

I first became involved with the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival as a junior during the 2006-2007 school year. This was the first year the internship became available to students.

At the time, my career goals were hospitality-related so I decided to apply to the hospitality internship position.

As interns, we were only required to attend events in which our guests participated, but the festival offered so many different films and panels that I was engulfed in all things FLEFF!

The first event I attended was the opening MEMESCAPES show produced by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, and I was completely blown away! I was in awe of the visual streams as well as the live music performed by Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Robby Aceto, Rick Hansen, and Jay Olsa - not to mention a spoken word performance by Cynthia Henderson - all in the opening event!

From then on, I was hooked.

As a senior, I was invited to be the Hospitality Team Leader. In this position, I got to assist interns in developing their hosting skills. I also became more involved with the events themselves, helping to set up and manage events both on campus and downtown.

After graduating, I remained in Ithaca, and life just didn't feel the same without FLEFF in my life, so I asked if I could continue to be involved even though I was no longer a student.

I became the Alumni Outreach Coordinator. In this role, I initiated contact with IC Alumni on behalf of the Festival. I continued to help manage the events downtown, and also made myself available as a resource to current interns.

Because of FLEFF, I went back to school and now have a Master's Degree. FLEFF has also provided me with lifelong skills and friends, and has also helped me construct more specific career aspirations.

Now, I continue to help the festival's social media efforst--and I can see myself being a FLEFF-er for life!