FLEFF Intern Stories


Karlita Bleam '12

Karlita Bleam, FLEFF Intern Alumna

Sociology/Cinema and Photography
Class of 2012
Doylestown, PA

I am a Sociology/ Cinema and Photography double major with a minor in Women's Studies.

I became involved with FLEFF I was interested in non-fiction media as a form of activism, and I wanted to learn more.

My FLEFF internship in the spring of 2011 allowed me to meet many non-fiction entrepreneurs, and have a lot of fun doing so!

Specifically, I think the most exciting part of FLEFF for me last semester was meeting Laura Deutch, a media artist, educator, and Ithaca College Alumna. Laura presented her project Messages in Motion, a campaign that travels around Philadelphia teaching basic film-making techniques to students and adults. She allows the participants to create “video postcards” using simple flip cameras.

I think I gravitated to this idea because it is simple: it allows everyday people to have a voice in media.

As a Sociology major, I know the power of media. Through this project, Laura is giving that power back to the people.

On a personal level, I enjoyed hearing about Laura’s past as a student here at IC. She didn’t know what her path would be just like I really don’t know what mine will be.

Her project is a perfect example of the kind of work I think I would love to do in my future. I want to use what I’ve learned as a film major as a form of activism for the beliefs and values I’ve explored through Sociology.

FLEFF helped me realize some of the ways that I can make this concept a reality. It gave me a space to start to think about my path and what I will do to make a difference.

The festival also offered me many opportunities to make connections with people working in the field, and helped me to shape my path toward non-fiction work.