FLEFF Intern Stories


Khadijah Anderson '09

Khadijah Anderson, FLEFF intern aluma

Class of 2009 Writing
Washington, DC

It was only two years ago that I graduated from Ithaca College with a B.A. in writing, but I remember how great it was while I attended.

My first experience with FLEFF was an a festival attendee during my junior year. I attended a few films for class and enjoyed them so much that the following year I joined FLEFF as a blogger for the festival.

While part of the blogging team, I now had the opportunity to interview guest speakers, write reviews on films I attended and promote FLEFF every chance I could. I loved wearing my FLEFF t-shirt because I knew I was a part of something bigger than myself.

The festival was a community of film makers, guest speakers and audience from both the Ithaca and international communities that wanted to share their stories about issues that affected the world, and I was thrilled to be included in the process.

Each time I left a film, I felt more informed about issues in, around and out of the Finger Lakes community. It was a great way to educate myself on topics I had never thought of or learned about before.

My favorite FLEFF experience was one of the festival’s signature silent film with live music events. The Black Pirate,  accompanied by a live band, was held downtown at Cinemapolis, and the line to get in wrapped around the hallway! For a while I thought my roommate and I wouldn’t get seats but luckily, we did, and it was the best two hours I’d spent laughing and having fun.

After graduating in 2009, I taught English in South Korea for two years, and am now a writing intern at a publishing company and an education website in Washington, D.C.

I hope other students take the opportunity to become FLEFF interns; it’s a part of the IC experience you won’t miss out on!