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FLEFF Internships provide currently enrolled Ithaca College students a way to work behind the scenes at a major international multimedia festival featuring film, video, new media, music, art, installation, literature. there are two intern experiences:  interns and bloggers.

FLEFF Internships provide training in festival operations and best practices; background on the role of festivals in the context of creative economies, sustainability, economic development, arts, and entertainment; special sessions with festival staff and featured artists; opportunities to host and interact with festival guests and festival fellows; opportunities to work on and learn more about blogging, social media, marketing, audience development, audience outreach, festival operations, special event planning, hospitality, and intellectual/artistic networking around ideas and concepts.

The internship program is coordinated by media industry professionals. 

Priority will be given to students who have taken either the FLEFF Festivals course in Spring 2014 or who have prior FLEFF internship or blogging experience.

All interns must be enrolled in a FLEFF Practicum course.  Interns enroll in a 1 credit course that meets the weekend before and after the festival, and during the week of FLEFF 2014.  Bloggers must enroll in a three credit, semester-long seminar on Festival Blogging, taught by FLEFF codirector and blogger  Dr. Patricia R. Zimmermann.

All internships in both categories are competitive and require an application that will be reviewed by the festival staff.   More information can be found describing each of these positions in the sections below. 

All applicants will also be interviewed by our festival staff.