FLEFF Internships



FLEFF Bloggers for 2015

FLEFF is looking for 5-10 bloggers for the festival blogging team. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Priority will be given to students who have all ready taken the Festivals course in Spring 2014, or the Participatory Cultures Honors Seminar.  Bloggers may not be simultaneously enrolled in the Festivals course and the blogging seminar. Priority for seating in the seminar for festival blogging will go to sophomores, juniors and seniors with prior FLEFF experience.  

FLEFF bloggers work in a seminar environment, learning about the history, economics and theories of festivals in the creative industries, and also learning how to undertake professional festival blogging.The seminar runs as a newsroom/think tank environment.  It is conducted by Dr. Patricia R. Zimmermann, codirector of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival and author of the blog OPEN SPACE.

FLEFF Blogging is the capstone experience of the student engagement component of FLEFF.  It is an intensive, creative environment to hone skills in creative nonfiction, profile writing, and professional blogging, as well as to learn in-depth how a major festival operates within the global festival scene.

 All bloggers will have special and unique access to festival staff, community partners, and festival guests.  All blogs will be published on the FLEFF website and gain national and international exposure through FLEFF social media campaigns.  

Students will produce a minimum of 10-12 blogs for the semester, on assignment and deadline.  Students will also participate in flash mobs and other forms of social media engagement.

All student bloggers must enroll in the 300 level Festival Blogging course.  Please note that this year, we have changed the blogging part of FLEFF. Due to the amount of work and the high profile, public nature of the writing, the blogging course is now a three credit seminar for a grade running at the 300 level.  It is a SEMESTER LONG immersion experience (unlike the internship and fellows program, which are ten day programs). The course meets Tuesday evenings for 2.5 hours. 

Festival Bloggers will receive intensive mentoring and coaching for professional blogging and festival protocol from the codirector as well as from Chenuro Zhang and Beini Chen, the assistants to the codirectors.

Festival Bloggers will be invited to a special one day team building and training retreat on a Sat before classes start, in order to fully immerse in all aspects of FLEFF.