As of November 4, 2013

David M. and Nancy Ahlers
Kristen Ambrosetti
Douglas F. Antczak and Wendy S. Robertson
Frederick H. Antil
Abraham Appleton and Laureen P. Golden
Douglas H. and Lucia Armstrong
Beverly Baker '54
Natalie P. Baker
Caren C. Baldini
Paul W. Banfield '73 and Diane Banfield
John H. and Myrtle Barber
J. Robert and Nancy S. Barlow
David T. and Joy L. Barr
Robert Bartholf
Bernard C. and Linda G. Beins
Duncan and Melanie Bell
Barbara Coutts Belyea '82, M.S. '94, and Brian Belyea, Parents '06, '15
Francis E. Benedict '65
Nancy K. Bereano and Elisabeth Nonas
James J. Bilinski '73 and Deborah Bilinski
Mike and Michele Blegan
Zachary Boggs and Isabel Boggs-Fernandez
Dorothy Boothroyd, Parent '60*
Damon Brangman and Jacqueline D. Richardson
Peter Browning and Ursula Kurman Browning
Lisa Bushlow
James J. and Terry R. Byrnes
Robert C. Camp and Marjorie N. Smart
Wendy Ceracche*
Roberta Wagner Chafee '70 and Gerald D. Chafee
Robert M. and Faith O. Chase
Jack Cheevers, Parent '84
Barry Chester and Elissa G. Cogan
Frederick J. Ciaschi Sr. '69 and Patricia Ciaschi
Leonard and Barbara Ciricillo, Parents '15
Loren Klausner Colbert '78 and Thomas B. Colbert
Mary Ann Knight Colbert '78 and Timothy J. Colbert
Frank F. and Barbara Collyer
George J. and Diane K. Conneman
Linda Copman
Jack Corgel and Constance A. Colbert
Patricia Williams Cornell '86 and Philip W. Cornell, Parents '90
Robert A. and Vanne S. Cowie
Ross Creagan and Colleen Ledley
Mary Ellen Cummings
Marian M. Cutting
Dorothy Daetsch
James Darnieder and Kathleen M. Garner-Darnieder
Rob de la Fuente
David Deitcher and Katherine Stettler
Victor and Kay DelRosso
Noel and Janet G. Desch
Donald W. and Sylvia Dickinson
Jerry S. Dietz '75, Parent '10
Henry E. and Frances M. Doney
David L. and Judith A. Dresser
J. Michael and Joan Duesing
D. Kim and Jane F. Dunnick, Parents '09
James F. Egan '62
Anton J. and Joan Egner
Ann Sultanik Erlich '75 and Howard S. Erlich, Parents '97, '01
Craig S. Evans '84 and Dwight S. Myers
David A. Feldman '56 and Irene Rocker Feldman '60, Parents '83, '86
Virginia Fenton
J. D. and Karen Ferris, Parents '87
Thomas P. Fitzgerald '73 and Anita Chirco
Richard Flaville
David G. and Mary Q. Flinn
Anne McClure Furry '55 and Ronald Furry
Michael and Elissa Giebelhausen
Graham Gillespie
Aaron S. and Rebecca R. Goldweber
Bonnie J. Gordon '77*
Bradley R. and Mary M. Grainger, Parents '07
Jonathan and Jill Greene
Stuart A. Grinnell '67 and Joan Lovejoy
Gillian H. Hamer*
Raymond L. and Kathryn Handlan*
Peter Harriott
Helen C. Hartnett
Beverly Longhouse Hartz '83 and Gregory J. Hartz, Parents '13
Jim and Betta Hedlund
Brian Heltsley and Ann Hoffman, Parents '12
Tony C. and Carol Henderson
David A. and Stephanie P. Herrick
Lucas C. Herrington '11, M.B.A. '13
Nancy L. Hewett
L. James Holman and Dorothy Buerk
Robert Horn Jr. and Joan Horn
Steve Hugo and Sarah Galbreath
Karel and Simone Husa
Philip M. and Barbara R. Iorio
Richard T. and Victoria John
Patrick S. Jordan '87 and Debbie C. Jordan, Parents '16
Francis A. and L. Heidi Kallfelz
Thomas Keane and Paula Grant, Parents '14
Graham S. Kerslick and Jennifer L. Wilkins
Robert J. and Roberta Kohut
Nancy Krook, Parent '93
Thomas P. LaFalce Jr. and Marisa P. LaFalce
Tam Lam
Rachel Lampert
Laurie Linn
Heidi Lipson Copeland
Howard and Carolyn Longhouse, Parents '83
Audrey Lowe
Joseph J. and Anu Lyons
Thomas MaCoy and Amy Marlow
Everett D. and Velma E. Markwardt
Peter and Nancy Massicci
Judy Pizik Mauk '69 and Steven G. Mauk, Parents '04, '06
Paul W. and Linda M. McBride, Parents '86, '88, '95
Christian McKeithen and Katherine G. Rudert
Daniel and Jean McPheeters
John Mecenas and Dvorah Milner
Sydney and Joyce Merritt
Joe Metz Jr. and Emily Metz
Richard M. and Patricia J. Moran, Parents '90
Christian Otto and Roberta Moudry
John A. and Linda J. Muckstadt
Erich and Susan H. Mueller
Kathleen Mulligan
Margaret Munchmeyer
H. Michael Newman
James M. Niefer
Carl B. and Marion P. Norberg
Stephen C. Nunley
Erin Oates
Robert J. and Sharon K. O'Brien
James R. and Dianne Orcutt
James R. Orcutt Jr. and Xuhua Orcutt
Arthur E. and Caroline F. Ostrander, Parents '98*
Dorothy D. Park*
David A. Patterson '71 and Constance J. Patterson
Margaret Philipson
Lorraine Brooks Phillips '65, M.S. '67, and
   Frank J. Phillips '70, M.M. '71, Parents '96, '03
Mary Jane Heather Porter '86 and Keith Porter
John F. and Mary G. Potter
Nancy Pringle and Noreen Ruff, Parents '16
Scott M. Pronti '93, M.B.A. '04, and Michelle Myers Pronti '93
Frank P. Proto
Philip and Rochelle Proujansky*
Richard and Donna Prybyl
Joseph and Tanny Quigley
Pamela Quirk
George Ridenour and Jeanette Shady, Parents '08
James R. and Darlene Rider
Michael P. and Allison Riley
Thomas R. and Amber Rochon*
James C. and Julie Rogan
Stephen S. Romaine and Tanya Vanasse
Jean F. and Elizabeth E. Rowley
Angela J. Rubineau
Michael Salino
Thomas R. and Betsy Salm, Parents '88
Carolyn W. Sampson
Stephen Savage and Kristina Harrison
Kent C. Scriber '72 and Jocelyn Cash Scriber '72, Parents '00, '02
J. Ronald Seacord '68 and Ereign Hargreves Seacord '68
Arno and Helene Selco, Parents '97
Carl E. Sgrecci '69 and Marilyn Sgrecci, Parents '04*
Lawrence W. Siany '56 and Lena Siany, Parents '81
Lori A. Staba '85
Henry B. Stark
Bruce G. and Terri M. Stoff
Rene and Melissa Sylvester
Quay and Darby Thompson
Karen E. Tierney
Shawn and Nancy Toffolo
Mack and Carol Travis
Jerome B. True Jr. and Sandy True
Karel L. Turner '69, M.S. '70
Rebecca M. Utz
Margaret Van Houtte
Jamie Vanucchi
Robert and Julie Wagner, Parents '15
David C. Wallace '66 and Brenda Wallace
Bryan H. Warren and Jenny Simone
J. Dix and Barbara S. Wayman
Robert Weiss and Siu S. Lee
John and Lisa Whitaker
Ben Williams
Peggy R. and David A. Williams*
David P. Wohlhueter '60 and Susan Wohlhueter
Ammitai Worob and Marnie Waxman
Kurt Wright and Grace N. Chiang
Joel and Cathy Zumoff

*honorary Friend