Supporting Local Students

Membership in the Friends of Ithaca College means more than attending concerts and events. It means attending to the needs of local students earning a degree at Ithaca College.

Since 1976, more than 350 Friends scholars have walked IC's campus. And because membership dues support the fund, the growth of the Friends means the growth of the scholarship. As of May 31, 2013, the scholarship's market value topped $944,000.

Add your support to this program by joining the Friends today. You can
do so online, by calling (607) 274-7025, or by sending an email to

Other Ways to Help

There are many additional avenues for Friends to get involved with the college. Can you host an Ithaca College intern at your place of business? Are you able to invite an international student over for Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have a specific expertise that might make you a mentor to a young person studying to enter your field? Would you like to make a presentation to a class studying your special area of knowledge?

For more information about volunteering at the college, browse our list of opportunities.