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Jessica KrogmanJessica Krogman
History Major

Jessica Krogman has a lot on her mind. History. Women's studies. Cultural studies. The environment. Politics and economics. And now, as a Friends of Ithaca College Scholarship recipient, she can devote her time to pursuing these varied interests -- instead of adding debt to the list of things she's thinking about.

"It's great knowing that my community is behind me," says Jessica, a native of Newfield, New York. "I'm currently working on my postgraduation plans, and this scholarship has certainly helped lessen my financial burden after graduation."

As a student at Ithaca College, Jessica has had the chance to stretch her intellectual wings by taking advantage of the many opportunities to build an interdisciplinary education. Upon graduation, Jessica says she can see herself exploring a career in library science or policy studies. She may even join AmeriCorps.

But whatever direction her future takes, IC's large range of majors and minors helped her suss out her interests, and gave her the knowledge and foundation she needs to step confidently down the path to her future.

"There's so much I enjoy about Ithaca College," Jessica explains. "I love the professors, the classes, and the many friends I've made, who I will know for the rest of my life."